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Take The Rough With The Smooth

November 3rd 2004

Well what a turn out 16 of us! This included a new member to the ever growing Moos clan. Also two Moos turned up with new bikes, Ant with his Specialized Stumpjumper and Bernaard with his Rock lobster.

I speak for the rest of the Moos and wish Jim (the boffin) an enjoyable time with us, he will soon get to know the weird sense of humour and sexual innuendo’s that all the Moos seem to have, some more depraved then others (apart from the Captain).

We also presented Jim (the boffin) with his Moos jersey, but as we all know the new rider has to partake in light refreshments, as he was driving it did not happen. This has been NOTED!!

Welcome to the Moos Jim

As for the ride up the ridgeway, Rudry common then Church house a good ride but very wet and muddy. Jim (the boffin) & Steve punctured other than that it was a quiet evening. Apart from one strange happening… Option managed to be on top of Rudry common all alone for 20 minutes, flashing his lights at us ……… or was it something else he was flashing……

Nice to see Dezy out again although not for long as his new lights failed we have missed burping….

Must say Bernaards bike looks good it a shame that it’s spoilt by a rider with such a fat arse!

Hats off to Kevin the Gallon managed to get around despite a bad cold. To the moos who spat on or pushed the Captain off during last nights ride, (they know who they are) always remember this, “There’s life in the old dog yet”. Many thanks to Marty & Option the Web site is super. Any ideas, suggestions, photos etc., or feel they would like to add their ‘Odes’ let Marty & Option know.

To the others I have not mention tough……

There I have finished mumbling (as someone put it)

P.S. Cunny & Quim were not amused last night as they had laid on hot food - nobody let them know!!

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