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Take The Rough With The Smooth

November 24th 2004

Another excellent ride, this time organised by Gaz, with lots of climbing & technical descents. Gaz also showed consideration to the rest of the Moos, by waiting at various locations, making sure that everyone passed through ok.

Ant punctured, but for some reason, it required 3 tubes to fix it!

Kevin the Gallon, lost his way last night, deciding that ‘Turners Lane’ was not for him, but he does show willing.

Again the Captain was being given a hard time by various so called Moos, but refused to be provoked, this time……..

Dez, i’m afraid that your manners are a lot to be desired and need to be refined, otherwise fines will have to be made!!

Thanks to Dez and Option for booking the minibus and curry for our presentation evening, much appreciated.

Wednesday the 8th December double fees will be required, as I will not be collecting on Xmas night ride.

Anyone not going to presentation evening, will have his savings on Xmas ride night.

Again thanks to Cunny & Quim for the food.


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