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Captain's Corner

1st June 2005

A new month brings a new chance for riders to stake their claims for the Moos awards, Rider of the Month and Tw*t of the Month, and with no hesitation Dai Shop, unsuspectingly laid down the gauntlet with a first-class claim for the latter of these within the first few miles of the first ride! Obviously trying his best to lay down a firm foundation for the Rider of the Month award, by challenging the singlespeed duo of Gaz and Beaker on the ascent of Ochr Wyth, Dai succumbed to his own efforts by losing his marbles completely at the rest area on the top of the punishing lane. ‘Oh sh*t, I’ve lost my keys.’ was the distraught cry as the Moos assembled in readiness for an attempt on Machen Mountain car park. It has to be said that Dai has been a pillar of the Moos in recent weeks, as he not only used his fully equipped ‘DP Cycles’ van for the Clic 24 Hr, he has also given freely his shop demo bikes to replace Moos bikes that have suffered mechanicals. Because of these acts the Moos rallied to try to aid the hapless Dai in his moment of need. In a last ditch attempt to stop Dai having to retrace his steps the Cap handed over his mobile to Dickie, who immediately realised the seriousness of the situation, had no hesitation in interrupting his wife at home, even as she trying on a new collection of Summer dresses, to go down to the Legion and try to find Dais keys near his van! But ……just as Dickie was giving his last kisses of goodbye down the phone, Dai bellowed ‘Oh, hang on, I’ve just remembered’ and as he recaptured (most of) his marbles, he also recaptured his van keys, which had been in his seat bag all along!!!!

It was a goodly turnout of ten riders, for what turned out to be a wet and windy evening, and even more so as four usual attendees were in foreign parts on a motorbike trip. The rocky downhill from the car park took us down, eventually, through some rocky then forested singletrack, to the cycle track to Ynys Hywel. It was following the fire road stretch that our ex-leader Scrippsy decided to take the ride into his own hands and head up the 2 mile climb (which was not the intended route!) on his own. With most of the Moos, especially Dickie, having handed out a good tongue lashing to Scrippsy at the top of the climb, it was off across the top of the ridge and down through the forestry into Machen and the confines of the Royal Oak, for much awaited food and the odd drink.

Through some keen undercover detective work by some of the Moos it is become apparent that Scrippsy’s supposed weekend retreat, Biffins Bridge Caravan Park, is in fact an illegal nudist colony!

It was not surprising to hear that the local constabulary stopped Gordon, and Dave Morgan, on their way home from last nights ride to ask him some searching questions about said colony and the fact that he outwardly supports acts of wanton nudity, and indeed organised a ‘Biffins Bridge nude bike ride’ the previous bank holiday on public highways that surround the park.

The following is a photo of Mr and Mrs Scripps riding to the event, followed by a picture of the event itself:

Mr & Mrs Scripps Shredding the Gnarl  Naked Riding - Watch for saddle sores


Unfortunately for Dave Morgan it was a case of the wrong place at the wrong time as he too was questioned about the aforementioned naked cycling frolics. Beware Dave, Scrippsy’s hand of apparent friendship, is just a lure to tempt you and your better half into a web of deceit that is the ‘Thornton world of nakedness!’

For next weeks ride it has been suggested that we meet up with the Risca / Cwmcarn posse, who have invited us over their patch and will, in return, ride with the Moos the following week. I will keep you all updated regarding these developments.

Chrissie Watkins is also trying to organise a ride at Afon this Sat (4th), aiming to get on the road following the Lions first game in NZ.

Bye for now,


PS: If Scrippsy invites you to join him for a weekend at Biffins Bridge, think twice!! You will not have to pack much in the way of clothing though!!

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