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Captain's Corner

2nd March 2005
The inaugural Rider Wives night proved to be an unprecedented success with wives and girlfriends enjoying the culinary delights of the Hollybush and witty repertoire of the Moos fraternity, especially from the non-eating ‘Ryan the Steam’ who certainly lived up to his name and turned-up well and truly ‘steamed.’ Since last Friday Ant has been inundated with requests for pre-dinner speaking following his dishevelled outbursts, so much so that the designated village speaker, Dez, has certainly had his nose put out of joint. Dez has even challenged Ant to head-to-head where he will try to stamp his authority on the public speaking scene once and for all!

The timing of the event couldn’t have been better with many of the Moos meeting on Saturday to watch Wales beat France in a scintillating second half performance.

Indeed the weekend was rounded off, perhaps not in spectacular style, but in a very amusing fashion with Mr B Lip’s (Kev Piddington’s) shoulder-blade-cracking exhibition of woodland jumping. I have received a call from the Extreme Channel regarding Blips availability for the next Super Heroes video! Unfortunately because of his injuries filming is on-hold until early summer at the earliest! I called my mother (who works in the Royal Gwent Casualty Dep’t) late on Sunday afternoon to enquire if she had treated Kev that day. At first she didn’t realise that he was a Moos member, but as soon as I described him she said ‘Well there was one blubbering chap who was complaining about his shoulder, but we all thought he had been in a bizarre incident where a camel had stepped on his lower lip! We gave him his antibiotics on a plate and they disappeared in no time! Plate and all!’

In all seriousness the Moos extend a hearty get well soon message to B Lip, especially Dickie and Scrippsy (I told you so!) who haven’t stopped laughing since.

Apparently Scrippsy’s wife, Sue, is very happy with the current consignment of Viagra, and is allowing the ‘ole man’ to sell his current bike and buy a full-susser. Hence Mr Scripps is open to offers on his current steed: There is an ad in the Old Post window so it will undoubtedly be snapped up shortly: Full service history, one careful owner, free bus pass, would suit an older gentleman!

A massive thank you to Lyn the Landlady, and her particularly magnificent spreads! All the best for the future from all of the Moos.

I’m pretty sure that a pre-Scotland match Afan ride is being organised for next weekend. For further details see Gaz and/or Chrissie.

Next weeks theme will be ‘savouries’ and the current Rider of the Month Chrissie will take the ride.


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