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Captain's Corner

5th January 2005
Greetings and a Happy New Year to all the Moos for 2005.

I would like just like to say a few words about the outgoing Captain Mr. Gordon 'Scrippsy Rabbit Killer' Thornton for all his good work during 2004. Scrippsy is taking a back seat year to devote more time to perfect his spitting style and his infamous 'car slowing-down-in-lane' technique.

I'm sure I can say on behalf of all the Moos that Scrippsy will always be in our hearts the true 'Leader'. Encapsulating the outgoing Captains motto 'always take the rough with the smooth', eight intrepid riders, obviously the core element of the Moos, ventured 'out on the trail' even though the weather conditions were inclement to say the least. Obviously, only ‘the magnificent eight’ now have the chance of making a full attendance record this year.

Following Option Umpa Lumpa James’ suggestion to take on board a quick sherry to warm us up in the Maenllwyd, the ride had a Harvey’s Bristol Cream theme! I would like to thank the landlady of the Hollybush who kindly gave us a double sherry on-the house, although the ‘sell by date’ on the bottle was 1996!

Apologies for not attending the ride came in from Anthony the Steam, who was working an afternoon shift (and probably on his sixth brew by the time we hit the trails!) and he also had a meeting with Jane Pettigrew to discuss ‘the effect of New World Tea varieties on the global market.’ Apologies for non-attendance also from Gordon as he is currently on a hedonism pleasure-seeking holiday in Lanzarote!

Following a pretty hectic Xmas and New Year period in the coffee shop, I have it on good authority that Kev 'Harold Bishop' Gallon will be re-joining the fold next week, he may even bring a few left-over pieces of carrot cake and a few scones.

A quick thanks to Cunny and Quim for laying-on a lovely Chilli and chips. Good luck to them both and thanks for their efforts over the past couple of months, especially from Chrissie Watkins!

All Moos should be aware that this year will see the introduction of a new ‘rider of the month award’, which will be awarded on the last Wed of each month.

The theme for next weeks ride (12th Jan) is ‘Cheese and Biscuits,’ and each rider will be expected to bring along an offering. Due to the imminent closure of the Fwrrwm a new venue will be announced shortly.

All the best to fellow riders for 2005


‘The White Rivaldo’

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