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Captain's Corner

5th October 2005
‘Is it a plane? No! ……Is it a bird? No! ……Is it a larged-lipped, clavicle protruding, colander bellied man in cycling tights?’ - YES!

You’ve all guessed it by now, the trumpets blared for Blips first Wednesday ride of the 2005 season, and his first ride since that hapless Sunday morning ride, from which the phrase ‘Blips Leap’ has become part of Moos folklore!

Scrippsy obviously needed the re-assuring attendance of a work colleague (Blip Piddington) as he led out the Moos on his ride. Sue’s eyes had lit up a little earlier as Gord waved goodbye to his sweetheart at the doorstep shouting; ‘You’ll need some extra sausage, love!’ Only to be deflated seconds later as he continued, ‘Kev will be here for breakfast in the morning!

Scrippsy chose the riveting ascent of Turners Lane as his start to the ride, and as the main bulk of an eighteen-rider turnout waited for Jimmy Mac (who was running late), a few Moos started off early. It was after fifteen minutes of waiting that I decided to call Jim to tell him to catch up, only to realise that ‘MacAnus’ had text in the meantime declaring that he had in fact forgotten his lights and turned around!! An early contended for the months less flattering award, indeed??

Following the fashion of the last few weeks, one new rider graced the Moos with his presence, in the shape of Paul (Noel’s mate). A turnout next week should secure Paul a Moos nickname!

Turners Lane gave an opportunity for DP Cycles (‘Run by a Rider for Riders’) to shine as Gaz and Dickie, who recently had bike services, carried out by the proprietor himself, pushed hard on the cranks as the incline increased. The grinding and clanking that ensued was almost as loud as the grinding going through Dai Shops mind as Crocks early season prophecy came back to haunt him: ‘Wait for a bit for Dai to mess-up and we’ll all get cheap part from him when he goes through-the-loop!

Following a four-letter outburst from Dickie at the top (reminiscent of ‘Timmy Taurets’ after two half pints of Stella!), regarding the state of his steed, it was off again in the direction of The Wiley.

The zigzags and the confusingly titled ‘Fern-Mountain’ were the order of the day for the next part of Scrippsy ride, with Kev-the Plane’s, dulcet tones, asking ‘Why haven’t I got a picture on the site yet?’ slowly petering out, over the fern-topped undergrowth, as he flew over the handlebars!

Rudry Common claimed yet more over-enthusiastic victims, as we headed for the warmth of the Maenllwyd bar.

It was after this pit-stop that the ride became fragmented as one group of riders headed straight down the track, whilst the other, more gnarly, trail-hardened group, sped off towards the Garlic Path. It was at this point that Harty shouted a phrase (‘Well there’s riders and there’s riders!’) that would come back to haunt one of us later: namely Harty! ……as not once, but twice, he blamed his tyres, as he took to his old hobby of taking bark rubbings ……….with his shoulders!

The delayed monthly awards (Sept) went to Owen ‘Strawberry:’ Rider of the Month, for his consistent riding and attendance, and to Ryan the Steam: T**t of the Month, for his non-consistent riding and attendance and general devilry in Aberystwatch!

Because of my unanticipated current attendance, due to my postponed knee-op next weeks ride will taken by the Rivaldo of Two Wheels: The Cap ………and you lot had better enjoy it!

(It has been rumoured, following Blips lead, that a certain orange-faced, short-legged, chocolate loving retired Moo will make an appearance next week. Lets wait and see!)

Tira no de madeira, janota!

Até a vista


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