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Captain's Corner

6th April 2005
Well it worked! The Vice Captains first test of initiative and coping under stress, and I can confirm, like it been pointed out some of the Moos, that Ryan the Steam came through with flying colours!

I have been told that my actions during the latter part of Wednesdays ride have been slated by most of the Moos fraternity, but as this was an undercover covert operation to establish Ant’s performance under duress, it was imperative that my intentions could not be leaked to any of the Moos beforehand.

So, ten out of ten marks must go to Ant. Sterling job. Well done!

I would like to point out that the other reason for my actions was to offset any friction between two riders before things got out of hand and any blood was spilt! After Scrippsys comments about Bernaaaards and particularly Toms rugby playing ability, I felt as though these two gladiators (Tom and Scrippsy) should be kept not only at arms length but two villages apart!

Back to the important part of the evening and congratulations to Marty on a good ride. Marty’s preparation was excellent considering he is a Cardiff City boy. I noted that he had even made ‘ride notes’ so that his ride could be kept on course. I think that if every member could take this attitude on board, and be not so concerned about where the Captain is spending his time, the club would run a lot smoother!

This exemplorary attitude was taken a step further by Jeff ‘Beaker’ Singlespeed who, not being satisfied with one extreme sport, has been spotted participating in an even more intense activity. Being a diligent and fastidious captain (traits which seem to be overlooked by the majority of Moos riders!) I made it my prerogative on Thursday evening to call in on some Moos members to drop off their uncollected T-Shirts. Mrs Beaker (Shelley), answered the door only to inform me that Jeff was actually in the middle of his IRONING and ‘wouldn’t be a minute as he’s just taking off his pinny!’

Beaker ironing away

Just when you think he couldn’t be more extreme! I must say that he did seem to be engrossed in his ironing. As with his bikes, Jeff has to have the best equipment:

Beakers Board

I would like to thank the staff at the Church House in Bedwas for their hospitality.

Because of his aforementioned cool-headed organisation next weeks ride will be taken by Ant. Three gold stars!

And by the way, your Captain (working behind the scenes for the benefit of all the Moos again!) has managed to secure some sponsorship for the Clic24 Hour event from Soreen Ltd who will supply 3 cases of malt loaf and t-shirts for all.

Yours, in riding.

‘My Set of Rules’ Captain

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