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Captain's Corner

9th February 2005
Well, as the current Victor Meldrew award holder would say, ‘I can’t believe it!’ The lengths some people will go to avoid completing a full ride!! Only twenty minutes into the ride and the Oompah Loompah Options stumpy little legs were wavering and he resorted to purposely riding over the most awkward obstacles in an attempt to break his rear derailleur. Even Mr. Wonka’s favourite helper couldn’t have envisaged the resulting bent frame though!

So the Marin is back at the Wonka Factory Team H.Q. and will be looked at once Augustus Gloop has been release from the pipe leading from the chocolate river and the mess Violet Beauregard left when she exploded after chomping on Wonka chewing gum and turning into a giant blueberry! (Not unlike the colour on Option face after a hard climb!) has been cleared up.

In the meantime it’s back to the old faithful hardtail for the hapless orange-faced Option, and the odds on him completing a full ride before June have now trebled. Best of luck to his co-team members in the Clic24 hour! I am pleased to say that the rest of the Moos, numbering fifteen (sixteen the best starting turn-out so far this year) dug in and carried on onwards and upwards, on Tom’s ride, ‘like hot jam tarts’, taking in the Friendly Fox, Basseleg, (a nice touch) for refreshments and pickles including onions, eggs, gherkins and chillies! Although the following climb up five lanes to the Machen mast car park had the aforementioned pickles repeating themselves a few times.

I am please to welcome back Bag of Leaves (Russell) to the fold, with his first ride of the year. We are all looking forward to a long run of rides from the ex-BMX king of Machen bus stop.

As ever all the Moos were delighted to savour the delights of Lyn the Landlady’s increasingly spectacular spread! …………especially Crock who had saved himself all day in anticipation.

It is good to see that quite a few of the Moos are pitching in their two penneth’s worth for the February Rider of the Month Award. I don’t know which will be the harder choice for Dickie this month, picking the most accomplished rider or choosing between vanilla, Neapolitan or mint choc-chip for dessert at the Rider Wives meal.

Lastly, a special mention to Option and Marty for their excellent work regarding the website, especially the celebs page. We’ve had a good few compliments from curious onlookers, and I have it on good authority that several members of the local community regularly visit the site for updates. I can feel an unofficial Moos Social Members Club being established soon!

Next weeks the downhilling supremo Jock will take ride and the theme will be ‘cigars.’

Roll on next week


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