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Captain's Corner

12th January 2005
Second ride of the year and what a ‘pearler’ it turned out to be. Thirteen riders in attendance
and ably taken by our prestigious Vice-Captain Ryan the Steam, with a well thought route, with plenty of good singletrack.

The ‘Cheese and Wine’ theme proved to be a success, with a good variety of cheeses and biscuits on show. A special thanks to all Moos who donated to the feast. Next weeks theme is ‘Eggs’ of the cooked variety (no raw ones please!).

Crash of the night went to Jock who was a victim of the infamous ‘Jap Sniper’ who cut him down as he attempted to pass a snake of riders, in his usual manner. Jock managed to perform a 360-degree triple twist, in the ‘piked’ position, that would have graced any Olympic diving competition! When Jock crashes it is usually a good’un!

A warm welcome from all the Moos to new member ‘Dai Shop’ the proprietor of DP Cycles, Pengam. Dave has already started paying subs, which puts some more establish members to shame. I will not mention names yet, but you know who you are. I’m sure all Moos members appreciate Dave’s kind offer of 50% discount on all purchases at his shop!

Belated birthday greetings to Option. Hope you enjoyed downing the pint. Impressive drinking especially from an umpa lumpa legged red-faced Mark Almond look-alike!

Also a big thank you to ‘Lyn the Landlady’ at the Royal Oak for her warm welcome and agreeing to host the Moos, and provide some post ride munchies, for the foreseeable future.

The Oak steps again claimed a few victims on the way home. The wine must have diffused Gaz Chris Reeve’s powers, as he attempted the double steps at break neck speed only to propel himself into the tarmac. This was followed by Option, who, after refusing at the first attempt, turned and feebly (or stupidly!) attempted to clear the steps, only to crash into the wall and cut his fingers! Steve Hart was heard sniggering to himself in the background!

Apparently the outgoing captain Gordon ‘Scrippsy’ is building an outside lav in his back garden! Any donations to this project will be gratefully received. He has already got a sink and toilet, and is now looking for a bidet! Please contact Sue on their home telephone. This is just one more indication that he is definitely loosing his marbles, and it is probably a good thing that he is standing down this year!

Just to clarify a few points discussed at the post-ride meeting:

• The Moos will be entering at least three teams in the Clic24 hour event to be held on the 14th and 15th of May. I need £30 registration fee from those definitely interested as soon as possible.

• The ‘Riders Wives’ meal will be provisionally booked for Friday 25th Feb at the Hollybush



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