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Captain's Corner

13th April 2005
On a beautiful evening for riding thirteen lithe racing cyclists set off from the Legion on Ant ‘Ryan the Steams’ second ride of the year.

Taking us up through the woods, The Steam took a deceptive right hand turn that brought us out at the top of Tamplin’s lane. Onwards towards the steep ascent of The Garth Hill and a new little downhill brought us out at Van Road dirt jumps, where the gnarly riding really started.

Before we could hardly gather our breath, that master of the big air, Scrippsy, took off on his typically radical set:

Flying Scrippsy giving it large

Not to be outdone by the ex-captain, next up it was Crock, in his usual ‘let me at it style’ who set off down the jumps. His gung ho attitude was admirable but as we all looked on we all knew it would end in misery, as always when Crocks macho-ism (or masochism!) outweighs his riding skills:

Crock Jumping Technique

After all this tomfoolery it was a climb up to the Caerphilly Mountain Burger Van (where the owner asked if his best customer, Dickie, was with us!), with a short delay for a Harty puncture half way up, then a mad dash across a dusty ridgeway to the Maenllwydd, to allow Ant a quick pint before setting off for his nightshift. The demands of the ride were obviously greater than Ryan the Steam thought as his new nickname ‘Ryan the Dream’ portrays (See Options Odes for pictures!)

After a couple of beverages it was decided, probably by Crock after his failed dirt jumping exploits! that we should tackle infamous garlic path back to Rhyd y gwern lane. This was probably not the best idea the Moos have come up with in recent weeks, as the garlic path reeled in its usual crop of riders for their untimely meetings with terrafirma!

A quick jaunt along the river path from Draethen brought us to the Oak, where before any food could be taken, silence was ordered to hear Jeff Singlespeed grovellingly apologise for his foul mouthed tirade the Saturday before! This is the second time a Moo has been dragged over the coals regarding their verbal behaviour in the Oak in recent weeks. So, the second yellow card of the year has to go to Jeff ‘Beaker’ Wherlock. Hopefully this will put an end to further obscenity!

Next weeks ride will be taken by yours truly.

Keep your wheels turning, and your bars on line!


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