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Captain's Corner

16th February 2005
‘Well that’s got be a first for this year’ is a phrase that is equally appropriate for two Moos riders following this weeks ride.

Firstly congratulations must go to Oompah Loompah Option on actually completing his first full ride of the 2005 season. I’m sure the Team Wonka rider will receive a special treat from Willy when he returns to Team HQ following his tremendous effort.

Secondly, but by no means secondary, wholehearted praise must be bestowed upon Dez, who finally dragged his athletic torso out for his first ride of the year. And what an impression he made! ……. Firstly of a female starling regurgitating her day’s meal for her starving brood! Nice! …………and secondly as a belching common toad trying to entice a mate! ……Johnny Morris eat your heart out!

If praise is being heaped on these Moos riders then praise must surely also go to that downhilling guru Jock, who used all of his knowledge of Machen woods, to produce a corker of a ride, which was probably made up of 80% singletrack.

It is noticeable that the skill levels of the Moos are increasing by the week. One exception to this is the hapless Scrippsy who ‘binned it’ on no less than three times on one section of downhill! However, he did manage to catch up with the rest of the group, on foot, by using his all-terrain shoes specially developed for him by one of Dai Shop’s suppliers. These shoes will be available in about 1-2 month’s time from Dai’s liquidators! (No Dez it’s not a type of kitchen blender!)

It is good to see that the Moos are taking training more seriously than last year. A local photographer caught Crock going for a training ride on Thursday morning:Well-done Crock! Keep it up!

Crocks New Riding Technique

Next weeks ride will be taken by Scrippsy (if he can remember who or where he is next week!) and the theme will be French foods.

Moos T-shirts should be available for collection in a about a week. I’ll keep you informed.

On a serious note I need to establish how many want to participate in the CLIC24 hour event.

Till next time,


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