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Captain's Corner

18th May 2005

The Clic24 hour certainly took its toll on the riders for this week’s ride, as only eight hard-core riders took to their wheels for this weeks ride. Well it was certainly the lazy missing riders loss, as the dry trail conditions were undoubtedly the best of the year so far.

Obviously ‘Johnny the Mechanic’s’ pre Clic training regime was bearing fruit as the Gonzo-nosed-grease-monkey managed to make his Moos third riding venture on the trot. All that time in the Clic massage tent wasn’t wasted after all!

Following his monster truck wheel demolishing demonstration at the Clic, the carrot topped Crock was in attendance but without helmet. Apparently he left his lid behind in the Mendip hills as he tried to make a quick getaway from the aforementioned embarrassment.

Chrissie Watkins was forced to turn to the singlespeed darkside as we gained height through the woods, when not even the dab handed Beaker lookalike couldn’t rectify his rear derailleur problem. The group split half way along the ridgeway as the call of the Maenllwydd proved too much for 4 riders. The rest pushed on towards the rides downhill highlight.

It was shortly after this moment it seemed appropriate that a lesson in the art of crashing properly was needed. I have been thinking lately about sharing my vast experience with fellow Moos, so as Gaz pointed out in his ‘ode’ I ‘totally lost it’ on quite an easy looking corner. When in actual fact this was a preconceived move to allow me to point out the pitfalls of improper crashing to fellow riders. I will probably give similar lessons in future weeks; so do not be dismayed if I fling myself from my trusty steed at various intervals. I am only trying to extol the virtues of crashing correctly!

I will also, at various intervals (usually on a week to week basis), allow other riders to give crash lessons, particularly Chrisssie Watkins and Steve Hart!

Following the Maenllwyd pitstop it was decided that the garlic path downhill was the only way to get back to Machen. Because of the dry conditions of late, this once treachery-littered decent has become a lot easier. So easy in fact that Johnny decided to cut his own ruts into one section as the concorde-conked muppet puppet nose planted over the bars!

May I congratulate all the Moos riders who took part in the Clic24 hr event on their indomitable riding courage and good behaviour during the event.

May I also point out that next week is the last ride in May and therefore the obligatory awards will be presented.

See you on the trail!


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