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Captains Corner - Just like the Crap Old Days!

20th July 2005

I can reveal that I have been away recently on an invaluable, fully expensed, Miggly Moos fact-finding (for future trip) mission to the French Alps. I can report that I managed to uncover some superb trails (that are in need of shredding!) and some equally superb hostelries (that are also in need of shredding!) that could be included in a Moos continental break! However, the expense of my fact-finding trip has unfortunately meant that this year-end of Summer Moos trip has had to be curtailed somewhat. But fear not your intrepid captain has managed to secure an old ‘bothy’ on the Western slopes of Fan-Y-Big (Brecon Beacons) that will sleep about fifteen at a push (top to tail!) that is available for the weekend in question. With a few flagons of Strongbow and a couple of bags of Nobby’s Nuts this should provide the necessary formula for a majestic trip! (Scrippsy is always going on about an away trip to Fan Y Big anyway!)

A special mention has to go to Ant ‘The Dream / Steam’ Ryan who as Vice Captain took over the reigns, in my absence, and I must say has done a more than stirling job. I have however received an angry email from Jane Pettigrew, who stated that because of his Moos commitments, Ant had missed an important seminar on Janes new book ‘The Tea Lovers Companion’ £5.50 published by Oxford Union, which outlines how Tea is an international drink, both in terms of its origins and popularity, and has a colourful and fascinating story to tell. Jane Pettigrew offers a guide to all major varieties of tea - from the perennial favourites to more acquired tastes and rare ones. The book has a directory of teas by country of production, with each individual tea being described in detail, with brewing tips. The talk was also accompanied by a tea tasting which Ant was devastated to miss!

Thanks to the Moos who turned up Wed evening to welcome their Captain back into the fold. I must admit if I were to choose a rider to lead this ride it probably would not have been the Gollum’esque Crock! ……and my apprehension did seem grounded as the ‘ginger topped whippet’ led us on a boredom-filled uninspiring trek through Machen Quarry, which eventually led to the mast car park. However our initial concerns were quashed as Crock decided to include a traverse and silhouetted roll across the top of Machen tips.

The steep drop-off at the end, however, proved to be too much of a challenge for all but one of the Moos contingent, including myself. The only rider to attempt and successfully tame the descent was one Gordon ‘Scrippsy’ Thornton who indeed showed the rest of us truly how to ride……


…….if you believe this you’ll believe anything!

Once again the ‘yellow backed moustachioed crevasse tongued’ excuse for a mountain biker ditched out after all the Moos had taken the bit firmly between their teeth and executed the drop! This time this is serious. Gordon, we have a reputation to look after! If you don’t want to be part of our little team then I’m sure there are other groups out there who regularly ride canal tow paths, fire roads, and country lanes!
Thus, the second yellow card of this year goes to Scrippsy. One more and your off! Stage winner of the Tour of Germany or not!

Following the delightful (best piece of singletrack around) descent from the mast it was a dry and dusty descent of garlic path, some light refreshment at the Hollybush and then back to the Oak for the rest of the night. The only thorn in our side at the Oak being the forever whinging Umpa Lumpa Option, complaining of his crash (yawn!) and the fact that we were stinking like a pile of polecats! He is obviously taking out his frustrations that he is not Mr Wonka’s favourite at the moment, out on us!

Next weeks end of month awards ride will be taken by Beaker Tourettes, who will hopefully be drinking more than halves!

See you on the trail!

The White Rivaldo

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