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Captain's Corner

23rd February 2005
‘Please love can I go for a ride with the lads? ’ ‘No Basil!’

Mr & Mrs Scripps

But try as he might the Ex-Captain Basil Fawlty / Scrippsy lookalike could not persuade his better half to let him out with a sore throat, even though it was his turn to lead the ride (he even volunteered himself to lead this weeks ride!). The outcome of course was that Gordon Thornton’s drastic decline continued as he let the Moos down once again!

With no ride leader it was up to the eleven attending riders to quickly organise a replacement ride. A big thank you must go to Ant , Gaz and Geoff Singlespeed, who were the main contributors to an excellent ride continuing the emphasis on established singletrack and some new virgin trails, courtesy of Ryan the Steam who for once used his day off to search out some new tracks, with his new training buddy Blip, instead of his usual spare time activity of developing new tea brewing methods!

I have received a request this morning from Dickie Watkins to buy a GPS out of Moos funds. This would allow him to retrace the main peleton when he gets lost on Machen Mountain, which is becoming more frequent by the week! I think we can stretch to a long piece of twine Dickie!

Congratulations to Chrissie Watkins who was voted Rider of the Month for February, by his brother (nothing like keeping it in the family eh Chris!), for his all round display of gnarly riding and a clean attendance sheet. It is good to see the younger contingent coming to the fore so early in the season.

Unfortunately Chrissy could not out-do his birthday-celebrating brother in the Guinness drinking contest, although he had no problem in dispatching the goldfish impersonating Scrippsy once again!

In a vain attempt to re-gain popularity with the rest of the Moos, Scrippsy has volunteered to organise the CLIC24 hour event in May. He has asked if all entry fees (£30 each) and completed application forms be forwarded to him by next Wed (2nd March). Teams are as follows:

Tom, Crock, Dickey, Scrippsy.

Ant, Chrissie, Marty & Harty.

Bernaard, Mark, Option & Gaz.

Reserves: Dai Shop, Blip, & Gonzo.

The team captains: Tom, Ant and Bernaard will organise their teams applications. Scrippsy has got a golden chance to redeem himself by taking next weeks ride, for which the theme will be Spanish foods. Please can we all make more effort contributing to the theme next week please.

I look forward to seeing most of the flock at the Riders Wives night at the Hollybush on Friday 25th. Apparently Gordon will be wearing his cream cardigan and performing a selection of Val Doonican numbers!

Till then,

Cap do

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