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Captain's Corner

23rd March 2005

Because of a career-threatening crash, following in the wheeltracks of Chrissie Watkins on Gaz’s new downhill, unfortunately the Captain had to relinquish his 100% attendance record.

In my absence the report this week will be written by that old codger, your friend and mine, Gordon ‘Scrippsy’ Thornton.

Scrippsy’s Report

A night of crashes.

Eleven riders met at Machen British Legion. It was Gaz's ride, and you could tell that he couldn’t wait to tell us where we were going, but it was too late as each of the Moos slowly made their way up the dreaded 'Turners Lane'. Except Gaz!

Halfway up, and yet another Moo succumbed to 'Turners Lane' and became another member of the 'Moo's Hall of Shame' when he came to a standstill, and was heard saying ‘Bloody Turners,’ No names mentioned but he is involved with 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'

Finally at the summit of Turners there was Gloating Gaz waiting for his next instalment. It was off down the newly named Chrissie’s / Mark’s leap, when Harty decided to follow the Captains leap into the record books with one of his versions!

Not to be out done, and obviously a bit bored, Daishop, riding on a single track, decided to make the path wider by taking down some trees!

Back onto the fire track, and Gloating Gaz let us all know his next instalment...……..up & then down Machen Mountain Coal tips! We all set out up the climb pondering the question ‘Is the man insane!’

Soon we arrived at the Summit of the Tips, Gloating Gaz dribbling with what was to come. The rest of the Moos trying to be nonchalant, when out of the blue Dave went for it! No problems for him. Then Tom set off only to bail out at the bottom, then shouting to the next rider to 'stay left'. All the Moos down bar one, Marty.….. Stay left was the call....but it was too late as Marty’s bike was seen somersaulting down the tip followed by himself!.........Someone was heard saying ‘We should have had that on camera!’

Then onto the drop-offs section, which proved to be no problem. Then onto ‘Chrissies leap,’ where the unknown happened. Crock, the man who never falls off, was seen flying through the air, followed closely by Dave, doing his own impersonation of the hapless Crock.

Back at headquarters the Moos had their own back on Gaz, when he was seen running to the toilets after drinking his birthday concoction. Happy birthday Gaz.

Later on, Ryan the Steam arrived having ridden from work in Cardiff. The brother’s Grim Chrissie & Dicky also turned up for a pint, giving various excuses as to why they didn't want to ride Turners Lane.

An excellent ride & evening was had by all.


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