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Captain's Corner

24th August 2005

All I can manage to muster about the ride is ‘It is best forgotten about!’

Owen led out his first Moos ride with the best of intentions, but it slowly but surely descended the rocky path of chaos, because of matters mostly outside his control. Firstly we lost Scripps, Frank the Bus, Gareth the Bus and new boy Mark in the wooded descent into the Cwmcarn valley. Then two ‘mechanicals’ dogged the ride: firstly Owen’s broken chain (which we will come to in a minute) and Jocks loose bottom bracket, which terminated his ride prematurely (it must have been bad because Dez and Crock had to cut short their rides also to assist!).

Whilst fixing Owen’s chain Mr. Scrippsy’s mouth run away with itself once again, as he accusingly blasphemed a Moos member about his riding etiquette. I will mention no names, but I will say that usually only kryptonite can harm this electric-chariot-driving caped crusaders shell!

So roll on next week (where Owen (Rees) will be given another chance to conduct a ride (this time with the rest of the Moos co-operating!), the monthly awards and then the Moos annual weekend away, this year in Aberwristwatch. Don’t bother with the bikes this year; I’ve managed to get my hands on this little off road beauty to test our endurance skills:

Now thats what I call a bike!

Hopefully the weekend away can be used by the Moos to heal the deep scars that are threatening to break the club apart.

I have booked a faith healer to meet us mid-ride on Saturday for a woodland mantra chanting session followed by some naked tree-hugging (one of Scrippsy’s mates is apparently leading this!). Then its ‘tantric’ mountain biking until we meet up with the local druids at a stone circle above the town, to sacrifice a local girl (again Scrippsy is organising this!) and generally howl at the moon!

If all this doesn’t take your fancy we could always jump into the nearest pub and get hammered!

Shred the gnarl dude!

Rivaldo (The White One)

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