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Captain's Corner

27th April 2005

Sixteen riders out this week, following the last minute stand in ride leader (Jock had to cancel his lead ride this week to go and take the odd alcoholic beverage in Ireland) and belated birthday boy Chrissie Watkins, who was undoubtedly more confident of his chosen route than on his previous lead ride!

It was good to see Jim out for his first Wednesday ride since the arrival of his little one, and the late nights of squawking were obviously apparent on the first ascent of Ochrwyth! Keep your pecker up Jim!

Harty was unusually absent this week after complaining of a heavy cold. However Tom spoke to Harty's better half Karen on Tuesday who said that he had a bit of a sniffle!

Mid ride and ‘Ryan the Steam’ putting in a last ditch attempt to steal the rider of the month award, took a detour via the cement path to get in some more training. Everyone hates a show off!

Apparently Scrippsy has mentioned that a cuckoo was heard whilst waiting at Machen Mountain car park!!?? Which is interesting!!?? (Even more conformation that the ole fella is definitely losing it!)

The ride came to a climax in a very humiliating manner for the ‘ginger balding Gollum look-alike’ Crock as he un-mounted before a reasonably tricky (but nothing too difficult) little drop off, only to be surpassed and indeed out-ridden by not only the majority, but Scrippsy and Andrew, who only joined the Moos three ride previously!!!! This act of yellow backed cowardice only confirms that Crocks spinelessness has increased while his riding skills have decreased!

Thanks to my fellow Moo the ‘Gollum look-alike Pet Tw*t’ Crock, who obviously thinks its funny to give the ‘Unpopular Person of the Month Award’ to the Captain for absolutely no reason whatsoever! We all know the old saying ‘what goes around comes around,’ so keep practising ‘the downing of the pint in one,’ Crock! I’m sure it’ll come in handy very soon!

Congratulations to ‘Rider of the Month’ for April, the honourary Vice Captain ‘Ryan the Steam,’ and belated happy birthday to Chrissie Watkins (Apparently his father gave him a lovely present), who on this showing should also practice his ‘downing of the pint’ technique for future presentations!

As our English down hilling aficionados would say ‘Shred the Gnarl, Dude!????’



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