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Captain's Corner

30th March 2005

Ten riders set off from the legion, for Jeff Singlespeeds ride, on a rain speckled blustery evening. The ascent of Turners lane for the second time in as many weeks produced a fair few discontented groans, especially from Option, whose excessive beer consumption of late and recent cold (probably caused by aforementioned excessive beer consumption!) have contributed to an even further decline in fitness: Granny gear by the second arch!

One new rider, Andrew Fillaize, graced us with his presence for the first time. I hope he enjoyed the ride and the after-ride festivities and we all hope we will see him next week.

From the top of the lane Jeff took us on an eventful mix of muddy singletrack culminating in an enjoyable spin through the woods and across the field to the Royal Oak. The ride was only interrupted by the snapping once again of Option’s rear mech hanger. The most expensive frame amongst the Moos riders once again succumbed to the ghost of ‘Johnny the Mechanic’ as mumblings of ‘Must have been the last bike out of Santa’s grotto before Christmas’ were heard once again!

As it was the final ride of the month Chrissie awarded the ‘Rider of the Month Award’ this month, to Scrippsy by default. Chrissies original choice was Harty, who couldn’t make the ride as his boy was ill, so it was decided that Scrippsy should receive the award ‘so that he would not be left out, because he has not got many friends!’
Also a new Moos award was brought into play for the first time. ‘Tw*t of the Month’ will be awarded to the Moos rider who has caused the most embarrassment to himself and the club. There could only be one winner this month, as Crock Gollum picked up the inaugural prize, for his foul mouthed outbursts the previous week in front of the landlord and landlady of the Oak, namely Gill and Bill.

While we are on the subject of the Royal Oak, many thanks again to Bill and Gill and chef Chris for a wonderful spread. Most appreciated.

Hopefully with the light evenings and a few riders having mechanical problems sorted there should be a better turn out next week.

There are a select number of members who have not ridden this year or who have only ridden a few times. It would be good to see these riders put in a few appearances particularly as there are fewer excuses now that the nights are lighter. Indeed one ex-rider was caught on camera this week looking through his Trek owners manual, so maybe we'll see him next week:

A familiar looking guy - was he a moo once?

There will be ride Sunday morning (3rd Apr), meeting 9.30am at the Fwrrwm.

Roll on next week


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