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Captain's Corner

1st March 2006

Here we are again,  another Wednesday night ride with a difference,  heavy snowfall!!! 

It was expected  that there would be a good turnout tonight for some interesting slipping and sliding in the snow but only EIGHT riders.  Come on fellow Moos pull your fingers out of your arse’s and get on your bikes.  The most notable absentee was Rob “Option” James, he was a “dead cert” to turn up for a ride in the snow, after the last “snowy ride” he was like an excited schoolboy. Is it possible the Vice Captain “Option” is Hibernating as we have not seen him for six weeks,  I suppose he could pass for a Hedgehog with his little rotund body and legs and his vast accumulation of Melanoma moles over his body could pass of as Hedgehog spines,  Happy hibernation.

Onto the ride which was lead by Richard Watkins,  it started up the infamous “Turners Lane” but veered off through the fields (permission was sought from Richard Turner the Farmer) and straight up through the fields in about five inches of snow which proved to be too much for most riders, only the superior skills of the Captain and his dogged determination got him to the top,  Jeff “Warlord” & Gaz “ Reeves” failed but they were on their single speed steeds, but for the remaining five they must have enlisted to the “Marys Institute” and resorted to using their bikes as walking sticks. 

Onto the top mountain road which is an unsurfaced road which is well used by walkers, horse riders, motorcycles, four wheel drives and us cyclists,  and being Wales the Occasional Sheep Sha**er, Crocky proclaimed “this is the road” with so much surprise it was as though he had only seen it once before,  don’t ask “Crocky” for directions if you get lost. As we have slated “Crocky” so many times in the past, it is time we praised him as he is the only Moo to have a One Hundred Percent attendance record for this year,  Nice one “Crocky”...

Onto the “Zig Zags and “Fern Mountain” which are / have good downhill sections which proved to be the highlight of the ride,  ridden fast and recklessly by some riders, as we all know what to expect but in the snow it made it very interesting,  shouts and screams were abundant and near misses but well worth the risk. 

Most riders had started to get at least one extremity getting cold, so it was decided to head back to HQ. The lane was he next challenge as it was covered in “Black Ice” we all rode on the edges, in the bankings to get down the lane safely. We arrived at HQ at 8:55pm and had a feast supplied by Sian and Graham which was far too much for eight but we gave it a go.

Ta ra for now,

Capt Moo the Turd

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