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Captain's Corner

4th January 2006

“Captain Moos” first ride of the year.

With a good turnout of twelve “Moos” we proceeded from the Legion along the “Run” up onto the old railway line towards the old pit. We turned right at the west side of the coal tip where some of us attempted to cycle this arduous slippery and steep ascent while most of the “Moos” used their “pushbikes” as walking sticks aided by the hot air that was spouting from them.

We turned left along a rutted tractors track, where I put hand out to steady myself from falling off and accidentally pushed “Gollum dog Breath” over into the bracken. A senior “Moo” (GT) came alongside and pushed me downhill into a ditch , as I remounted and got underway “Gollum Dog breath” also pushed me downhill and into the same ditch, What! no respect for the new Captain?

Across Bedwas common at what turned out to a good pace by all “Moos” to the “Zigzags” and across the “Fern Mountain”, The Vice Captain “Herr James” had a an off on a flat open section of track, the only explanation for this off can be that he was seeking attention, and any attention is better than no attention.

Time was on our side so a bit of lane work to the Maen for a swift one, yet again another “Moo” binned it on a straight section of lane nearly wiping the Captain out (Subs required for Capt’s Danger Money), “Beaker Warlord” picked himself up, “Oh my chain came off as I was powering up this climb” - Big Mary!

Quick pint in the Maen and up the lane into the woods, through woods to “Beaker Warlords” track, this turned out to be very wet and slippery several “Moos” fell of including The Capt with a lot of noise in the woods, no sign of any badgers “Eh Ron”.

“Gollom Dog Breath” and a few members he was leading got separated from the leading bunch and promptly got lost behind his own house on the edge of the woods. Maps and compass’s next lads!

Onto the T.A for refreshments and good old fashioned banter. Most “Moos” left by half ten due to the excess’s of the festive season.

Serious stuff now!!!!!

SUBS - It has been agreed with the twelve riders tonight that we will collect subs by standing order £12 per month (starting Feb 2006) and a one off payment of £20/£25 for January 2006 cash by the end of the month to cover insurance, web site costs etc. for the year. All monies collected will be refundable except for an equal proportion (per member) to cover the insurance and web site costs etc.

Captain Moo signing off.

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