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Captain's Corner

4th April 2006

Here we are again, the Moos mid week ride yet  still no sign of our elusive vice captain, he is avoiding phone calls from fellow moos, perhaps he needs a clean break for his new start in “Umpa Lumpa land”.

The number of riders is starting to increase after our recent fall off, which seen as few as six riders turn out on a wed night,  tonight we had eleven.  “Gaz”  was to lead us this evening,  with most riders dreading the ride because every ride with “Gaz” is at a very fast pace.  He lead us to a downhill track which has not been ridden for a couple of years which proved to be extremely good and has been aptly named “The Mossy Lane”.   For you old timers out there you may remember “Bag of Leaves and Jock” they established “Mossy Lane” many sleeps ago (perhaps they will ride it again?).  There is one very tricky section which few moos completed,  “Kev the Plane” impressed all as he had a quick look and there he was gone, making it look easy and embarrassing the more experienced riders amongst us who wimped out of riding this section.

Onward and upwards to the mast on Machen Mountain  where the capt had to change his worn out brake pads, with pads that were not quite so worn out,  (planned maintenance takes a back seat again).

All riders dashed down “Singlespeeds” cracking single track downhill section, complete with jumps and berms, most moos avoided the jumps at all cost to arrive at the biggest jump waiting for Chris “Ade” Ames to give us a show by jumping this jump on his hardtail “Santa Cruz”,  which he did with ease and in the process making us mere mortals question our riding skills, if we have any.

Capt left for HQ (no lights) with Dicky (no stamina) and the remaining nine climbed back to the top for some more single track downhill fun,  with the conditions as good as they are who can blame them.

To HQ for refreshments and a feed generously supplied by Graham and Sian of the “TA” was gratefully munched.

Gute Nachte,

Capt Moo the Turd

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