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Captain's Corner - the bloke who looks a bit like either Ant or Dec - never know which is which

6th September 2006


Don't panic readers ˆ- he hasn't died on us yet it just feels that way.

After weeks of speculation, our favorite grandad to us all has finally announced his retirement from the moos. Gordon has decided to graze in fields a lot more horizontal than that of the younger herd. It is with great sadness that I report this news to all his fans (riders present and past and also our avid readers). After last night's ride where 10 regular Moos were joined by 4 newcomers, the old fella decided to break the news.

As I say, it wasn‚t a complete shock as he has not been himself in recent months, pretty much ever since his excursions to the States became more frequent spending more time on his own in the hotel room with this new fandangled thing called "pay per view". This has given our ageing road racing star time to gather his thoughts. It was however the general consensus that although it was brave to front us last night instead of his original thought of another new fandangled invention (texting) it is still a lame way to go out. We feel it's a responsibility of ex-captains to lead their last ride before retirement, so we look forward to it Gordon when you return from 4 more weeks of "pay per view" therapy.

After this news I feel far too upset to give a detailed ride report so it will be short and sharp just like the ride. With the no show of the captain or vice and no allocated rider it was left to the Jedi master to feel the force and lead the way. It was Blip's Leap, up and down the Quarry, Garlic Lane and with any of crocs rides incorporate the Maenllwyd for 2 swiftees before heading back in the dark to HQ + for everyones world to fall apart with such devastating news to greet us. All Moos are advised that lights are essential from now on.

In mourning but always honored

Geoff Davies O.B.E


Porlock Summer Trip Report

As you may know, the Moos partook in the summer trip away this weekend returning to Porlock where we probably have outstayed our welcome after two efforts. A big thank you to John & Richie for putting on a great weekend especially the foam party on Friday night in Minehead. Thanks guys you outdid yourselves this time. Unfortunately, this was only experienced by six hardy Moos (Option, Harty, Bernie, Stunt, 8-inch and myself) as the other Moos had various excuses as to why they could not make the weekend - all valid I'm sure!

Reinforcements came Saturday in the shape of Jim Mac, Gaz, Brainy, Croc, JJ, Jock and Marty all of which were a sight for sore + still drunken eyes.

The ride was long with unforgiving weather. Nevertheless, we all had a thoroughly good day with Jim Mcanus claiming his new nickname "Nails" for some seriously big-balls riding!

The weekend did have a down point however as some of the youngsters got a little excited on Friday and decided to help themselves to the bar and the kitchen after hours which wouldn't be too bad, only instead of making a quiet return to their room decided to climb on the roof and sing "up on the roof" waking all 'n' sundry and making it obvious who was to blame for the after-hours feast. Shame on you boys. As I said, it was a good weekend but don‚t expect to be invited back anytime soon!

Jim "nails" reinforced his new nickname by putting a more experienced moo in his place for creating an un-called for mess which would have undoubtedly caused everyones expulsion from the hotel. Nails dealt with said Moo and pretty smartly "unnamed moo" was on hands and knees doing everything Nails asked of him (smart move moo).

All had a good nights sleep thanks to „Mr Nails‰, (just wish he was there Friday to keep order) and returned to HQ where only the super Hardy finished the weekend off with another gallon. Cheers Boys look forward to another effort next year.

Honored Geoff Davies O.B.E


With the Summer now over, it is time to push on through the Winter and look
forward to some serious Xmas festivities.


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