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Captain's Corner- Captain Moo the Turd Waffles

15th February 2006

Another Wednesday night ride is upon us, thirteen riders again this week for “Crockys” ride. All Moos are wondering what sort of ride this will be? A pub crawl, a distict possibly knowing “Crocky”.

It looked like a proper ride judging by the start, we headed north up Turners lane, ah!! this old favourite, Turners lane, Bedwas common, the Zig Zags, Fern Mountain and the lane to the “Maenllwyd Inn”, most of the Moos guessed what the route was going to be as “Crockys” imagination has let him down again. All roads lead to the “Maenllwyd Inn” so “Crocky” can indulge in his favourite pastime of “Letching” even though he is as good as married.

Anyway with the ride already described, it is a good slog to start with, with some interesting fast downhills to the Fern mountain where Owain “Strawbs” decided to stop at the narrowest point of a very good downhill with no passing places, several Moos came a cropper including the Capt, over the bars again.

Then to the lanework.

The Capt had to leave early (work) while the Moos settled into the “Maen” for a pint. Suitably refuelled, up the lane for a race through the woods for HQ, every rider finished in front of “Crocky” to escape his infamous Halitosis except for “Eight Inch Dave”, it was noticed by “Kev the Plane” at HQ that he was missing. A search party retraced their steps only to find “Eight Inch Daves” wife looking for him, curlers in her hair and a rolling pin in her hand, the search party left her to take him home for some “domestic correction”. Sausage and chips kindly donated by Graham and Sian at HQ to the hungry and thirsty Moos.

That’s your lot I need inspiration not perspiration!!!

Capt MOOOOOO the Turd.

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