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Captain's Corner

18th January 2006

Having failed to have a ride tonight, perhaps the Captain ought to sign up to the “Marys Institute” who’s members were all riding tonight.

Last years Captain led the ride up Lewis street to the top of the mountain and swiftly down into Risca, They refuelled at the “Darren”, Phils still on the wagon and the other “Marys” had a swift “Mackeson” with a half pint glass, Crocky decided to drink lager which he profess’s to taste like “battery acid” (his breath has certainly improved) but all the Moos failed to carry on up the mildly strenuous “Darren” climb and decided to head back to Machen.

Up “Gashy’s Leap” and the concrete road where the Ex Ex captain was whinging about the cracking downhill sections back to base camp, (thanks to the work of “Beaker & Ade”), “I can’t go downhill anymore as I have to be careful with my neck complaint”, but it didn’t stop him racing by the ex-captain and pushing into the edge of a banking causing a him to fly over the bars, but remaining unhurt Mark yelled “you B**tard, I’ll slash your colostomy bag next time you old git”.

Kev the Plane is apparently “Flying” at present on his “BIG” bike and rode very well tonight ripping the legs off most of the Moos.

Down to HQ where a Ex Capt Mark decided to ride home without telling a sole, (perhaps another home cooked Lasagne was waiting for him?).

With the vice captain not riding, Strawbs was heard “Can I do Options Odes this week? Please can I do them, please, please, please, please!” (sad git).

Another good turnout of thirteen riders, would have been fifteen but the captain and vice captain were both tired and had a bit of a cuddle.

The Moos bank account has been established and direct debit forms will be given to all members who want save for our summer ride weekend and Christmas party.

Ta Ta Captain Moo the Turd

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