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Captain's Corner

26th July 2006

Here I am Captain Moo the Turd, You all thought I was dead, but I’m not I just look that way.

Eleven riders tonight, including two relatively new boys, namely, John “Dowd” George and John “Johnseeeee” Johns. With this being their first full ride with the Moos and I was leading It was decided to cut the ride short from the start. This decision proved popular with most of the seasoned Moos, as there were grumblings of its severity due to the climbs and hot weather, (wimps).

The new boys did very well on the climbs with “Johnseeeee” being exceptionally brave but probably stupid on the downhills, “Dowd” was more reserved in this area but still did well. What am I on about? There was only one downhill but it was exceptional, From the top of Machen Mountain through the woods on very dry single track. There were several “offs” and tree hugging from various Moos, nobody was hurt as the lure and though of beer and “Magners” was close by.

The “Trendy” boys all drinking the fashionable “Magners”, what's next Ginger beer with a twist? Fashion victims!!!!!

That’s just about it except for one thing, Our very own “Gollum” is still single! Are there any “Gollum” loving female readers out there who fancy this charming and solvent character, (he’s got a soft top BMW). His prowess / photos can been seen on this site, please look and make “Gollum” happy.

Yours Capt Moo the Turd.

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