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Captain's Corner

29th March 2006

The Captains back!!!!!!

Poo and puke for three and  half weeks, has left me weak and undernourished for this my first ride for nearly a month.  As you would expect I had a rapturous welcome back (I don’t think).             

That’s enough about my near death experience it's on to the “Kev the Plane Holder”, it his first time to lead a ride,  “I’m afraid it will have to be Turners lane cos I don’t know anywhere else” he exclaimed. This turned out to be a good eventful ride for a number of reasons,  a hard slog first,  which seen only nine of the ten riders reach the top,   Scrippsy “Alzeimhers” rode up and down Turners lane several times looking for Marty, but kept forgetting what he was riding down for and came back up to the group for instructions,  Martys crankarm had fallen off and its thread was damaged rendering it useless, “Good night Martyn”.

On to a good single track downhill which seen Mark the ex-captain  go over the bars and hit a mature Beech tree then landing downhill from it looking very bemused but otherwise unhurt. The capt and Gaz rode like brainless cabbages and couldn’t steer their bikes around a bit of a bend and went straight on through the bracken.

Onto a lane up and  towards Machen mountain only to find a Citroen C3 grounded with its rear wheels in the air. The driver was with a tow truck,  which he had waited two and half hours for,  the Moos too the rescue with a bit of lifting and shoving the car had all four tyres back on the ground. What was this “Risca Cuckoo” doing up this lane in his wifes car “alone”. Despite being very grateful for the Moos assistance he would not give us any personal details,  perhaps a secret Liason?  Who knows.

To the top, Capt and Scrippsy had no lights and took the easy route down to base camp, TA,  while the “Magnificent Seven” fought their way through an very dark woods on some excellent single track and back to base camp for well earned refreshments and a feed which was supplied by Graham and Sian of the TA

P.S. Rob the Vice Capt,  "I will be there for this weeks ride",  bullpoo!  I think he has emigrated to “Umpa Lumpa” land, happily riding his “12 Tricycle”. I hope he will be happy, and best wishes from the Moos.

Ta ra for now, 

Capt Moo the Turd.

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