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Captain Stuntys Corner - New for 2007!

3rd January 2007

Word Up Dudes!

As I type this I am well aware Option has already composed his masterpiece therefore this, like they say in 'Dragnet' will be 'Just the facts'.

And so as with tradition it was my honour and privilege as the new captain of the Moos to take the first ride of 2007. (I'm in the Option camp of opinion that I haven't got the personality to pull it off, but hey ho here it goes)

A great turnout of 12, including Scrippsy who has recently returned from a punishing book siging tour commenced the ride in what can only be described as god awful conditions. As the herd buoyantly made their way through the forest, Jim quickly learnt the hard way of remembering to securely fasten the pin that keeps the brake pads in place. I'm no Johnny Mechanic myself but this was a schoolboy error of the highest order.

After much slipping and sliding in the woods heads were down and arses were firmly up for the Ochr-Wyth climb, were it became apparent that Dickie has had the discipline to lay off the Quality Streets and Turkey sandwiches this Christmas to set a blistering pace alongside Beaker, Gaz and Crock. Following a jaunt around the mountain, where Russ set a record of falling off 3 times (but if he must insist on riding his bike backwards!!!) the dreaded 'concrete path' was next on the agenda, and it's here special mention must go to both Mr 'Nails' McManus and Option who, could have easily chosen the easier route when they were struggling nether less tackled the path, where the old faithful downhill was enjoyed (with lights or no lights!!) by all.

Non detox drinks were subsequently consumed alongside a cracking spread put on by the TA where the Moos celebrated the first birthday of the year as Option necked the years standard punishment of a pint of Guinness and double whiskey (I have all your birthdays and you will not escape!!)

Here's to a good year.

Keep it real homies.


P.S. Don't forget to check the events page for the forthcoming fun and frolics!!

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