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Rog - move over Shakespeare

5th September 2007

Twenty two riders turned up for Ade's ride including Option. I know! Three in a row and with his turn next week to wear the pink vest that will be four. Is he after Moo merit points I hear you cry? No chance. I think Ryan the Steam is giving Gaz one. He missed all the summer rides and is leading the table.

Obvious absentees were the captain, who I am told is playing that family game "Incest" (available in all reputable outlets, order now to avoid disappointment).

We left the Legion where the new lad Mark the Plod (sorry police officer - that reminds me I must tax my van) caught a lone sniper taking pot shots at ducks (isn't that how Michael Ryan started out?) in the river and headed straight up to the woods. We some how made it to the quarry run were Gaz came a right cropper. Enzo (aka Florence Nightingale) patched him up. His camelbak must weigh 10 kg - he could perform minor surgery with all the medical stuff he carries - good man.

We all met in the quarry and off to A&E for Gaz where he had 6 stitches in his chin. Photo on Injured Moos coming soon. We made it past Garlic Lane and on to a tricky little down hill that was a new one to most of us including Owgie who took a life time getting down. Kev "Rudolph Nureyev" the Plane put us all to shame with his effortless downhill pirouetting.

All safe and sound at our first stop in the Hollybush. One quick pint and we were off again, where Ade marched us to the top of the hill and he marched us down again.

It didn't go unnoticed that Option and Jock made good pace on the downhill section whereupon Knotty had the only puncture of the night (there's always one, isn't there?) All fixed and back to the Hollybush for pint number two.

You may have noticed I am once again honouring my nick name by drinking halves, following my scare last week when I was followed home by the Pigs (sorry, Mark, the Filth...erm, I mean... oh f**k it, respectable upstanding citizens who uphold the law (did I mention I have outstanding parking tickets??!))

A mad dash to the TAs underway, Peely went arse over tip on the cycle path - a sight to behold. Maybe he needs brighter lights?


Good solid ride around our beloved area - good to be back on "home" turf again. Well done, Ade.

Next weeks ride to be taken by Option - I've heard a whisper on the grapevine that Mrs Option is supplying strawberries and champagne at mid way point (Cristal or Krug preferable as Bollinger leaves a stale taste on my delicate palate). Following the success of Mrs Knotty's attire last week and not to be out done, I hear that a peephole bra and sussies are the order of the day. I'm not sure what Mrs O is wearing though.

P.S Condolences to Johnsy and family from all the Moos.

Yours sincerely

Lord "half pint" Farquar.

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