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Captain Stuntys Corner - New for 2007!

5th December 2007

Long time no write readers,

It's been awhile since I fulfilled ones obligations of reporting back to you on the shenanigans of the Moos, and for this I can only offer my sincerest apologies. You see I have recently become a fully paid up member of society, and the reality of having to pay things like bills and wash my own clothes and generally look after my self has proved far more time consuming than first thought!!! Anyway as my tenure as captain of the finest club in the world comes to a conclusion, and a load of whites on a 40 degree spin just begins I'd thought i'd use this opportunity to thank a few individuals for the last 12 months.

Firstly to the vice captain Gaz. The Moo Merits was his brainchild and has possibly become the focal point of the club this year. In addition the mass exodus to France for the Mega avalanche would not have been possible if it were not for him.

Much thanks to Ant, who once again has been the unofficial treasurer of the club. For those who are aware of my bookkeeping with the sundries tin, it would be fair to say if it had been left to me the club would be insolvent by now!!!!

Doff of the cap to Marty, for keeping the website updated on a regular basis. Did anyone else notice that the Moo Merits would go on a Wednesday afternoon so no one could say anything on the Wednesday night!

Merci Beaucoup to all the boys that wrote reports in my absence. Geoff, Rog, Knotty, Howells & Scrippsy and in particular Pealy who has demonstrated a certain flair and incidentally would have submitted reports for the last two weeks had I not dished out empty promises of 'finishing strongly' for the year.

Diolch yn Fawr on behalf of all of us who don't know one end of a allen key to another to Beaker, Ade and Ant who have managed to keep the boys' wheels turning. Particular thanks to Beaker who has finally managed to gather enough pieces for the club bike.

However readers do not fret. Although this is possibly the last report for the year you'll be able to monitor the antics of the festive season as photos will no doubt be put on the website before the year is out.

Although the it will be the duty of the new incoming Captain to fill the calendar with many adventures I can announce that one of next years highlights will be that Kev the will be running a number of workshops titled "Don't Worry, Be Happy....A guide to positive thinking"

Stunt signing out..............

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