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Captain Stuntys Corner - New for 2007!

7th February 2007

Extremely hungover...........here goes.

A seasons best of 20 riders began the ride on Wednesday with one notable absence; Scrippsy. Following Saturday's ride with Dan and Johnny (journalist and photographer for What MTB) there has been a media frenzy surrounding the wily old campaigner and appearances now have to be negotiated through his agent. Even with the throng of millionaires amongst us we were regrettably unable to secure his services for this weeks ride!!

Regular readers will be aware that this weeks ride was to be taken by Dickie Watkins, but upon being told that there was a good chance this week that halfway round he would have to urinate into a foreign object Dickie assumed the BOC had indeed got wind of his drug taking exploits and were going to perform a drug test; when in fact the foreign object in question was Scrippsy's helmet!!. Therefore it was a no show from Dickie and he duly passed the baton onto Ant, who produced what can only be described as a good old honest ride.

Velvet path was ridden the opposite way to what it was created for.....upwards, where Roger, either due to the fact he didn't know it or that he was extremely cold went off like a bullet out of a gun, where the rest of us paced ourselves knowing what was ahead. Although we started with the 20 riders this soon began to diminish with Option, having been late and then delaying the ride whilst he sorted his lights lasted a mammoth 5 minutes before his steed gave up the ghost. He was subsequently joined by Johnsey, who was poorly and new addition to the fold Mike, who was knackered!! Although Mike's partner in crime Lee blazed ahead showing a few of the old boys a clean pair of pedals.

The good old fashioned route took us around the mountain; down the Zig Zags and Fern mountain where the majority of us enjoyed the hospitality of The Church House before making our to our journey's end, the TA.

Before I go just a few things to mention:

Riders Wives night has been booked for the 16th March. Please could I have your deposits ASAP (£5 per head)

Scrippsy is taking orders for jersey's (Pink or Blue?). Please could you ensure you get your £20 deposits to the blithering old fool ASAP

Next weeks ride will be taken by the White Rivaldo; who will also writing next weeks report as I'll be on a grammar and spelling course.

Extremley hungover..... there I went


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