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Captain Stuntys Corner - New for 2007!

10th January 2007

Hey Sports Fans,

STUPENDOUS!......The only word that can be used to describe this weeks attendance, as the herd accumulated 19 riders even with such stalwarts such as Ant and Bernaarrd missing. Although questions were raised once again about the whereabouts of my sidekick. (Dickie: "I wonder whether will see him ever again?"). Two new riders Steve and Richard were welcomed to the fold. Hope you enjoyed it lads and that we'll see you again.

It was the turn of Gaz our esteemed Vice Captain to take the ride this week and what a belter. Straight up and subsequently straight down saw us stopping for some light refreshments in the Cross Keys pub in strangely enough in ......Cross Keys!!! where we stumbled on a pot of gold....a pub that lets us take our bikes in with us. Along with the eighties classics belting out and a fine pint I get the feeling we'll be back sooner rather than later (where i'm hoping the jukebox will have Abracadabra by The Steve Miller Band). Following Beakers wheelie out of the pub the herd made their way up back up the mountain where upon reaching the top Johnsey's bike appeared to succumb to the awesome power of the pistons that he's calls legs with his chain snapping. As time was racing away with us it was and the fact the storms were brewing fixing a chain was not top of the list of things to do therefore Johnsey, along with this years Booker Prize front runner Scrippsy, made the quick route down. It must be noted sports fans that this is the second week in succession that the old man has failed to complete a ride. Theories are rife why this is occurring, and the sound money is on him undertaking research on his new project "Badger Watching.........An Idiots Guide"

The downhill was straight out of old school as the velvet path route was the order of the day with the pallet thrown in for good measure, where Farquar took quite a tumble knocking out any wind that he had in him, and Russ not to be outdone for the second week running had a spill of the highest order.

Following such a fantastic turnout and a ride to match the night ended sadly on a sour note, as our most experienced campaigner (due to legal reasons no names can be revealed) decided to tamper with the boys bikes and subsequently a member was injured. Like joyriding this was an activity that was once fashionable.

However, in time we've all learnt our lessons, apart from one it would seem!!!

Hey!...Be careful out there.


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