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Captain Stuntys Corner - New for 2007!

11th April 2007

Buongiorno tutti

It’s been a while since my last report, but as it is now customary to open your address to the Moos in a foreign language I thought Italian would make a nice change.

Another glorious, sunny Wednesday evening for some knarl shredding action with an excellent turnout of 17 riders. There was a slight sense of Déjà vu to previous years with the absence of both captain and vice captain (homework & holiday respectively). A few other absentees, Mark – fingers – Howells and Steve Hart, apparently Steve was helping Mark eat salt and vinegar crisps!

It was the legend that is ‘Russ’ ride, after an initial dislike of the colour pink he now seems to hav taken to it like Dicky to ice cream (Neapolitan). Proudly setting the pace in the pink leader’s jersey. The first part of the ride can only be described as steep, long, and rocky, even Sherpa Tenzig Norgay would have found this a difficult ascent. After finally reaching the top of Bedwas pit the Moos were crying out for a bit of downhill, especially Steve 2 who had a brand new bike to crash.

The dry conditions made for an excellent bit of downhill into the Sirhowy Valley, miles of smiles. With the majority of moos making a safely down it was now up to Steve 2 to put his new bike to the test. With 16 Moos looking on, Steve unfortunately forgot to engage the Hill Control Descent. The outcome was another somersault dismount combined with forward roll. This was a fine achievement because it was over an hours worth of cycling before his first crash.

The ride continued on the flat for a while to allow the Moos to regain their energy. The usual watering hole this side of the mountain, the Monkey, was by-passed much to the dismay of Crockett and Johnsey.

More tarmac climbing followed where the old bugger, that is Scrippsy, showed his true class and fox like cunning. Teaming up with Ant - Thumbs - Ryan and forcing any would ride leaders into hedges, ditches and gateways.

On this ride Russ had certainly saved the best for last. After reaching the mast we descended into the darkness of the forest for some quick, technical single-track. The final part of this was Dai eyes Google Earth seesaw. All the quick, skilful riders negotiated the seesaw with ease. A whimpering voice from the darkness was heard to say “I’m not going over that until I seen somebody else do it”. After a little persuasion from fellow Moos Crockett finally managed to get his skeletal frame over the seesaw. And being the considerate, mild mannered fellow he is kept this daring feat to himself all evening.

A fine spread awaited us at TA as per usual. It was also nice to see some controlled drinking by Beaker, limiting himself to 2 pints of ale and not rocking home rat arsed. As summer approaches the Magners season has started, this is fuelling a new pub sport – throw large chunks of ice at Scrippsys pint. Bets were taken as to which would shatter first, the pint or Scrippsys bones. Unfortunately it was the pint this time, better luck next time Moos!

Ciao for now!!

P.S. Birthday drink(s) for The Captain and Tom Next Wednesday!!

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