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Pealy - another mug doing the Captians chores

11th July 2007

Only 4 weeks in and already asked to report on the latest Moo ride. This week it was the Ginger Crock's turn and all pre ride reports of his previous outgoings were that it was going to be an evening of drinking rather than riding. No wonder Wrighty and Tom didn't turn up!

18 riders were present with notable absences from Tom (shoulder injection), Wrighty (wrist, forearm, spinal injury, brain on re-charge, no bike - Gordon demanded it back so he could get it fixed before he starts riding again in approximately 4 weeks !!!), Harty (new baby - just dont have a third you will never be allowed out), El Capitan (learning again, counting bricks according to Berni, just like when he was in 'clay class' in school), Russell and Ade (no reasons).

Off we set into the woods and within 2 mins we had our first disaster, carnage at the crossroads as Knotty and Geoff Davies had collided, resulting in Geoff's front wheel looking more dislocated than Knotty's shoulder. It appears that the 'Dislocation Virus' (medical term for this is Mad Moo DV) has been passed on in contact!! Next week avoid any collision with Geoff - you have been warned!!!

The never beaten Geoff returned home for a pit stop to collect his 'old faithful' and planned to return to the herd later on.

Onward and upward around the loop and back into the trees and down the singletrack towards the Quarry. No disasters to report other than Steve 2 was missing for 10 minutes, rumour has it he was constructing a more challenging exit route from the trail into the Quarry.

Geoff returned and it was on we go towards the Maenllwyd. At this point we lost rider number 2 as Dai returned home due to a back injury.

We passed the Maenllwyd, much to everybody's surprise Crocket did not stop. At this point I was amazed as he must have missed the 8 lovely ladies sitting on the patio sipping 'Ginger Beer'.

On up to 'Ridgeback' (I think thats what it is called), and praise to those who rode up from the gate. At the end we finally gathered for a breather and to work out which of the ugly cows our ride leader had actually taken out that week.

Onto the common and to be honest I dont really think our leader knew where he was going, I thought he seemed to be suffering from fatigue, as he had missed the lovelies at the Maen, stopped to talk to the cows and was now lost on the common (just like his 'life mentor' Ron Davies).

No real track down from the common, so it was through the ferns and strangely enough this was good fun, albeit a tad risky especially when I was following behind Geoff Davies who suddenly disappeared from sight, more to do with height rather than bad cycling skills. Once at the bottom we lost rider 3 Mark Owgie home to babysit (it is a wednesday, tell her no!).

Back to the Maenllwyd for some well needed oiling, personally I was knackered and looking forward to a quick return through the forestry back to HQ, and I am sure this was the plan until a Moo was heard mentioning 'Garlic'. I am sure they meant the bread that Daf nicked, but alas it was the infamous Garlic Lane. In my private training rides before joining up with the Moo's I had twice done 'Garlic Lane' or so I thought, as when I told Tom about my first attempt he said that I had gone down the wrong track, and secondally Jock advised that my second location was also wrong. Well finally my time had come. Could it be as bad as the Cwmcarn downhill, or the Tips? surely not?

As the light was dimming and the route getting steeper, I could hear the gathering of Moo's whooping and wailing at the misfortunate riders as they dropped down, as I approached I could hear their words of encouragement - "S**t here comes Pealy", "Sit back, Sit back", "Good Line", "Well Controlled" - "What the F**k was that" was the final words I heard as I appeared from under the bows of the tree and fellow Moo's feet. I still blame it on that effing light that blinded my decent, or was it the Chip Fat Oil that Bernarrrd had used to grease his bike that had made the track greasy? Thinking about it are we sure it was not 'Lard Arse Oil'?

Back to HQ and the general feeling was that Crocket had come up with a solid ride, enjoyed by all.

Points to mention - Swansea, let Chris know ASAP and France. Ade and Jeff are racing next Sunday at Rheola, Neath - support is welcome - racing at about 2.00.

Daf appears to have beaten the Guiness Pint record, although there did appear to be some spilage? Decision left to the judges.

Next weeks ride is to be a lucky pick, and I hope my name comes out just so I can take that Garlic Path again.

Yours enjoying the Mooing,

Pealy, Danny, Neil - take your pick

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