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Captain Stuntys Corner - New for 2007!

14th March 2007

Barka Dai

Weather that signified the beginning of Spring reflected the numbers for this weeks ride with a phenomenal turnout of 20 riders. Although this could also be down to the fact that it was Scrippsy's ride, and the throng indeed suspected an epic was on the cards!!....well...it was different!.

Scrippsy, taking a leaf out of Beakers book began with a novel beginning, taking the less travelled route to Och-Yr Wyth which involved lots of stiles and a game of bike polo in the fields of lower Machen (well, James Hewitt is a celeb moo!). As the peloton became fragmented on the tortuous climb the fierce rivalry between Crockett and Dickie intensified with neither of them giving an inch with only the impressive stallion beating them to the summit. With all attempting the drop off the car park it was almost inevitable that Steve 2 would come a cropper. I'm telling you the bloke is a natural...and we all

As the conditions were straight out of the top drawer so was the single track down the other side to Cross Keys where The Monkey once again played exemplary hosts with possibly the finest pint on god's earth. But once again, like Freddie Flintoff and the England cricket team the drinking culture in the Moos is a cause for concern with more than a couple being enjoyed on the midpoint of the ride. Due to the much welcomed delay in The Monkey the way home was nothing glamorous with Scrippsy's ten thousand men climbing to the top of the hill and then down again...at break neck speed. Acting as a safety precaution on a set of crossroads I can reveal that the three quickest cats down Rob's lane were Owgie (an impressive return), Scrippsy (in his element on tarmac!) and Ade (well he does race downhill!!).

Everyone made it home, making it the biggest ride of the year. Scrippsy.....what a ledge.

Next week is Johnsy's ride, so fingers crossed he remembers his OS map and compass!

As they say in Hausa, Sai Wani Lokoci.


Sai Wani Lokoci.

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