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Scrippsys Dribble - Read at your own peril

2nd May 2007

Scrippsy calling!

On behalf of the Captain, your trustworthy, reliable, X, X, X, Captain is back.

So yet again if there is any spelling/grammar errors that may appear in this captains report, tough!

To all my World Wide Web fans who have wondered where I’ve been, (and to a few of my fans listed below) I’m alive!

Parky - California USA

Denzil l - California USA

Col Sparkes - Sydney Aussie land

Gareth & Tomo - Okinawa Japan

Phillip & co - Vancover Island Canada

Peter & co - Edmunton Canada

Gary & Jc - Phillidelphia USA

Welcome to 2 new riders, Henry from Risca and Slug. (Slug has ridden with the Moos before and knows most of us.)

Well, last night I became the proud owner of the now infamous Migglymoos leaders

Jersey. Leading 16 other Moos up through the woods, to Beakers trail. Going along at a steady pace, when young Tom came up and said “Slow it down, think of the new riders”!. Come on Tom admit it, it was you who was struggling, not the ‘new riders.’

Up the Ridgeway to Crocks famous penis spitting incident, which is where I must point out, what’s with this spitting lark!

Carrying along the trail when we came across the hapless Bernaard, yet again his ‘Rock Lobster Team SL’, gave up the Ghost, this time his chain had disappeared never to be seen again! Whilst Bernaard made his way to the Maen, the Moos rode Rudry common Scrippsy’s way, then that stupid descent just after the common that always catches someone out. This time it was Harty doing a Steve 2 face brake impression, oh of course not to be outdone Steve 2 came off as well.

Then onto the Maen for some light refreshments.

Four pints later, and very dark, we made our way back to headquarters, but at this point I must use the phrase of a fellow Moo, Mary’s! Not one but three Mary’s made it known that they had lights… It's still August!!

Johnsey, Beaker & Half Pint were the three Mary’s, who tried to organise some sort of ‘light’ leadership, but all was in vain as the rest of the Moos crashed their way down the main track back to headquarters.

Hope to see Henry from Risca and Slug out riding with the Moos again soon.


P.S. The Captain is not happy, as someone took a fancy to his bike and left him walking home with 2 wheels and a saddle! Still, Bernaard kept him company.

P.P.S. A new jersey order is on the cards, anyone wants one let me know.

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