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16th May 2007

It`s been an eventful week in mootown , starting with Sundays ride as there was such a turnout, I think a mention is deserved. Due to the church being refurbed a ride was the oder of the day for eleven riders who were to brave the elements.

Through punishing weather our efforts were rewarded with the most comical ride of the year. The captain started proceedings with a spot of tree hugging and immediately blaming Tom who was nowhere near. Next it was Toms turn for a bit of hugging, leaving his bike behind to add comic value. Undoubtedly though the jewel in the crown had to be Lord Farquar. After watching Moos in front gain some air out of a bombhole thought he needed more speed to equal his coumterparts and to show off a little to his debut mate Tony - WRONG WRONG WRONG. At about six feet of air the face turned to fear, the arms and legs started flapping followed by an awkward landing to say the least (tips are required from stunt). Lets hope he brings his mate more often!!

On to wednesday,with soaring numbers of late the trend continued for Jimmy macs grueller. Notable absentees were Tom, Mark, Cap and Bernaard.

It was to be big ups and big downs for the evening starting with Turners where we encountered our Abergavenny friends. Swiftly dropping down it was the Vice Cap who took the first tumble, unfortunately for him it was the boggiest bog we would come across. After the giggles stopped he was heard threatening point deduction for laughter (well worth it)..

Heed should have been taken for the night was young!! Dropping half way down Sirhowy and climbing back up it was full socks downhilling . A punture or two later and climb #3 was under way. A good pace would see us summit sharply at the mast and old faithful was the way home. With light fading and fatigue setting in, the usually swift decent took for ever.. Steve 2 decided he hadn't used his face break all night and subsiquently put it into use, it obviously needs some refining as this would
be the of his ride - Scrippsy would shepheard him to safety while the rest of the heard decended. Steve Hart was the next casualty blaming the small matter of losing his rear wheel for his boulder seeking headplant. A while later and breathing back to normal we were on our way. Jimmy Mac was to take the final tumble of the night, getting the rapidly deteriarating drop off all wrong with his shoulder taking the brunt of it. Early signs were not good for the coming weeks.

Once at HQ the old fella's impish ways got the better of him, placing food in others beers. Punishment was duly dished out in the normal manner or brown sauce in the pockets and a bummy smell to his balaclava; will he ever learn??



P.S. Dickie has informed me that Bernaard is finally having his house warming on Saturday to coincide with his partner Emma's 30th. Bring the W.O.G. (wife or girlfriend) and a bottle for about 8ish.

Cheers G

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