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Captain Stuntys Corner - New for 2007!

17th January 2007

Hey Pop Pickers

The rest of the country may being beaten senseless by this weather, but it's certainly not getting the better of the Moos as the storms of the decade were on the horizon an impressive 15 braved the conditions, including the welcome return of Dai Shop for Options magical mystery tour.

Weaving our way up through the forestry it became apparent the ride was going to be as wet as an otters pocket!! But nethertherless that didn't stop the fun, with the run into the car park proving it's worth, even in the treacherous conditions. Moving onto the ridgeway the men were soon separated from the boys as the drop of death beckoned and those who proved themselves to be immortal by riding the drop in arguably the worst conditions were as follows; Gaz, Beaker, myself and Harty Special mention must go to both Option and Jock. Firstly Jock for getting the better of a couple of fence posts and binning it right at the end and secondly Option, for whom whilst showing steady improvements in his fitness hasn't managed to fully hone his riding skills as he failed on two attempts at the top. The rest contemplating their mortality came down on their asses!!!

Following the punishing route up Lisvane woods, the old faithful downhill was enjoyed by all, along with the liquid refreshments in the Maenllywd. Not one to be dramatic I feel I must point out that i'm very lucky to be writing this weeks report, as on the way back from the pub, and in a drastic attempt to escape the clutches of a hound of the baskerville variety my gears seized. If it wasn't for the chain and the brick wall for which the dog was connected to I was a goner!!!

As time once again got the better of us, the speedy route straight down the woods was embarked upon as the warm radiators of the TA were calling. Birthday drinks were consumed by eight inch dave, who, although driving sank the Guinness and Whiskey and found an alternative way of getting home (lift with Kev the Plane). A top effort by eight inch who we look forward to seeing again for the summer trip!!

Not Arf


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