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Pealy's Preaches

3rd January 2007

Ride Leader Daf

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to meet the Muppet’s on the Muppet show tonight.

Good numbers again this week, with 17 Moos gathered for the stampede. A welcomed return to the elder statesmen Statler & Waldorf, both displaying some rather fetching attire that ensured all of their wrinkly old skin was protected from the elements.  Waldorf’s bike had a new tint of Green on it, looked like Caerphilly County Borough Green!! There was also a note on the top of his handlebars stating the height restriction of barriers that this bicycle can’t bunny hop.

Our Kermit The Frog this week was Daf and even in the dimming light the apprehension on his face was there for all to see, given that it was his Virgin Ride as leader.  The promise of new trails and fresh ideas didn’t really materialise as we set off on the gravel track towards swamplands, which after only 500 yards Kermit had disappeared!!! Squeals could be heard from afar and it can only be assumed that he and Roger (Miss Piggy) Farquar were acting out the famous scene from Deliverance.  ‘Squeal like a pig Boy’.

A different route into the forestry ensued and it was onward and upwards with Statler and Waldorf back to their old meddling tricks, causing mayhem on the trails.  What excitement they must have in the build up to a Wednesday night looking forward to being nuisances for a couple of hours, before retiring back to their armchairs and cocoa.

A few loops of the forestry trails behind us and we ventured onto the Ridgeway, this is where Statler took great delight in tampering with Fozzy Bears (Knotty) equipment and ruining his performance on the night, to which you could hear Statler’s chuckles as he peddled off into the distance.  This was the major factor in the segregation of the heard as 12 of us Muppet’s carried on without any thought for our stranded cast and onward up over Ridgeway we went.  Concern for our lost riders lasted all of 2 minutes when Kermit called for the herd to Forget em! We will meet up with them at the watering hole.  And so it was a quick spin across the fields and a fine tempo was kept up by the 12 all the way through single tracks and back to the Maenllwyd.

Good to hear Beaker is enjoying fatherhood.  He can’t believe how easy parenting is, not surprised he feels like this really as he is never bloody in, always out on his Bike!!  Good man, keep it up, as there are rumours of a pending captaincy.

Kermit had advised we were heading down ’Singlespeed’ for the finale of the evening.  Did anyone notice where Statler had gone to?

Halfway down the middle section I could hear screams of terror bellowing back up the trail, what’s going on I thought given that the downhill champs of the Herd were up front, not likely that one of them had crashed.  As I maintained my balance through the trees, out of the darkness came the balaclavered, tight wearing, yellow jacketed Statler, jumping about in the trees like a psychopathic eco warrior protecting his environment from the stampeding herd.  Top meddling Statler, you clearly excelled with this stunt!!!
Back at HQ, The general view was that Daf’s first ride went pretty well and the rotten vest top has been given to Rizzo (Russ) for next weeks ride.  ‘What?’ He said, ‘When?’ He said, ‘Who me?’ he said.  Just picture the scene next week when he heads off leading the herd and all the riders quietly slip off into the woods behind him, I wonder how long it will take for him to realise?  Just a thought!

Pepe (Crocket), (check this out at the Muppet Web Site!!) was to celebrate his birthday with the customary drinks, which he devoured quite well, for him.  Great shame about the 4 pint boot that the regulars bought him, I think he left about 3 pints of it, please note that his fellow Moos finished this off for him. Extra Moo Merits for the boys VC?

One final Meddling act from Statler was inevitable, and it was only when Pepe went to get his bike that the remaining Moos thought he himself was up to no good, but actually we were wrong!  He had spent about half an hour rebuilding his trusted steed in the TA garden.  Well done Statler you can head home with your balaclavared head held high and give Waldorf a ring to tell him what a fantastic evening was had by the Meddling Grumpy Old Men!!! On the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational, this is what we call the Muppet show!

Yours Muppetingly

Sam the Eagle (check out his eyebrows!)

Your Cast

Kermit the Frog – Daf
Miss Piggy – Roger
Statler – Gordon
Waldorf - Ant
Fozzy Bear – Knotty
Beaker – Beaker
Rizzo - Russ
Pepe – Crocket
Sam the Eagle - Pealy

Dates to note are the 12th December for the Christmas ride and 19th for the Awards night.

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