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Captain Stuntys Corner - New for 2007!

7th February 2007

And as the fine weather continued so did the fine riding. It was the turn of the favoured son of the Watkins clan with Dickie eagerly leading the troops on some new trials that had been recently discovered by those who venture out on the weekends. It was good to see the return of Mark 'fingers' Howells who having nearly taken off a number of his digits whilst fitting new brake discs (an early contender for worst mechanic of the year me thinks).

As the herd made it's way through the woods I assured Steve 2 not to let any spills of previous weeks to deter him from getting stuck in this week as I had the emergency services on speed dial!!! A fast paced ensued throughout the ride, but nothing you wouldn't expect from Dickie who continues to deny strongly made allegations of drug taking made by various french newspapers.

After much escapades in the quarry is was up Och-Yr-Wyth and down five lanes for much fun on the new trails which proved a hit for all concerned. With such a pace set the ride was made longer as were taken around the back of the mountain before the new trail that was built by our own bare hands was tackled for the first time, with Scrippsy it appears still struggling to grasp the burm!!!

As we reached the TA it was time for the birthday drinks where Tom and myself enjoyed the usual punishment. It is here that I must admit my failings...I drank like a girl and feel wholly embarrassed by the whole sorry affair!!

Other club business that requires a mention is that after much court wrangling between the major Hollywood distributors and Option the Moos Movie is now available so please pay up to avoid any disappointment!! Also the inaugural Clunker Classic has been revealed as happening on August 18th, so get searching the local tips and garden sheds for your clunker of choice. Further details will follow.

Apologies for the report not being of the highest standard but I'm just glad to be back on track and actually submitting a report! Anyway that's all for now. It's Ade's ride next week so as the Status Quo song goes it'll be Down, Down, deeper and Down!!!

Cheers All.


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