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Geoffs Gossip

19th September 2007

The evening started early this week with a messge from the Captain: "Please can you do the report this week as I won't be there due to lack of lights".

"No problem skip I have a spare you can borrow".

The reply was "It is not just the lights my bike is in need of serious maintenance".

"No problem skip I have a spare one of those you can borrow".

"Ahh I will have to come clean he said -the missus wants me stay in as it is our first week in the new house".

I am a little worried for our young skipper as we all know you have to start as you mean to go on. Hopefully we will see him again for the Christmas presentation - if he is allowed.

With the weather deteriorating and the summer behind us, this ride would give us a good idea of the numbers we could expect for the coming winter. 17 in all including our first female ride in Moo history (Jo) and also out of retirement for his first ride since his rectum problems Owen Strawberry Richards. It was Jo's 2nd ride with us and she seems to be fitting in well.
In fact Jo has made quite an impact with the boys especially the elder statesmen. Scripsy's excuse for not being more than 10 feet behind Jo is that he is worried she might fall off or get lost. We have explained to him that she is more than a capable rider but the old fella insists on looking out for her. (What a clubman).

Being Jock's ride, you are always treated with a short-sharp technical ride and this week didn't disappoint. Through the woods with some good climbs and descents until we reached Garlic Lane. Being a bit greasy we would encounter some minor off but nothing too drastic. Dai Eye was the only refusal choosing to take the Chicken Run. It was at this point that Jock decided to abandon his plans of doing the Drop of Death so unusually for him it was Ochwryth and the summit of Machen Mast. Kev the Plane said it will be worth the climb for the view. Unfortunately because of the driving rain and pitch blackness mixed with a dusting of fog there was bugger all to see. However, the drop back down to HQ was worth the effort.

The ride was completed by 15 of the starting 17 with 8" and Jo departing early. The T.A. was a welcome sight after the first taster of the winter rides. Everyone seemed to leave early this week with the exception of Option, myself and Bernard holding the fort until being kicked out at 11:30. (That is the last time I am going to be led astray as the ride home wasn't very enjoyable).

See you all next week for Option's ride so if anyone can come up with an alternative route it could be your turn due to Option's irregularity.

P.S. Has anyone else noticed Knotty and Option's rapid weight loss over the last month? Can someone find out what they are taking as I am sure Johnsy might be interested in having a bit.


Geoff Davies O.B.E

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