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Captain Stuntys Corner - New for 2007!

20th June 2007

Goon day to you!!

The month of June isn't short of major annual events. Glastonbury and the longest day may spring to the mind of the lesser educated. But to those elite few, it is the month where the meetings of two cultures come together in the name of two wheeled fun. I am indeed readers talking of the Moos & Goons show. This is the third year of this fine event, which sees the drunken rabble that is us, try and keep up with the racing snakes of Cwmcarn Paragons.

Meeting 15 minutes earlier, the bikes were loaded up onto the trucks and into the vans with Rog, Russ, Marty and Ade kindly providing the transport. Rog was all excited about the newly found gadget on his van and was showing anyone who displayed the tiniest bit of interest. Apparently if I can recall it was called central locking and it enabled Roger to lock his van!! Speaking to him after he is expecting a bumper week in work as he can't wait to impress his punters with this new piece of equipment.

With the notable absence of Ant, Berni, Dickie, Option and Kev the Plane who all selfishly put work first and the injury list growing evermore with Scrippsy (Knee), Nails and Knotty (both shoulders) it was still a good turnout of 15 with the welcome return of Johnny Mechanic and newbie Neil Williams.

Once we had safely arrived and Russ had parked his truck without too much fuss, it was onwards and upwards and upwards..... and upwards until the next valley where the Abercarn downhill awaited us with Beaker re-living that golden day when he made the podium in the Dragon Downhill. With everyone making it down by hook or by crook it was Johnny Mechanic who brought up the rear with him and his bike swapping roles with Johnny's bike riding him down!!!

After some more cross country shenanigans it was to the second downhill with the notorious Options leap awaiting those who dared. Just as we set off we were to hear that "Careful it's been made bigger!". No problem for Ade and Gaz who tamed the beast. The ride was capped off with the last section of the downhill course at Cwmcarn with Geoff OBE showing Steve Peat and co how to do it.

It was pasty and pints aplenty at the Prince of Wales where we were joined by the founder of this event Scrippsy and Knotty who joined us for a tipple, capping off another Moos and Goons show.

Big thanks to Johnny Morgan who once again proved to be the host with the most and all the other Goons who showed us a good time. The return leg will be sometime early August with away goal rule not applicable.

Yours in Crashing


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