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Captain Stuntys Corner - New for 2007!

21st February 2007

Greetings readers,

I trust that you are all well.

With a great turnout of 17 riders (still no Option!), Berni was to be our guide for the evenings proceedings, and it was quite evident early on that in fairness to the lad, he had done his preparation for this weeks ride. We knew this purely because he was telling us how on Saturday he shared a welsh cake with some fellow riders on Machen Mountain, and that he was trying his best to get them to come along on Wednesday's. There was obviously a quality about these riders that made the Stallion so excited!

Following Turners lane, the ride got surprisingly extreme, as the downhill tracks of the Sirhowy were tackled by one and all. You know when everyone's abilities are being tested when Ade and Nails are falling off and Kev the Plane is making the noises of a cow giving birth!!!. Anyway it was onwards and upwards as the herd made their way up to the tips. It was here that new Steve appeared to be overcome by a supernatural spirit; he was struggling to walk and talk, lost all sense of direction and tried to get on other peoples bikes!!! As we were just about to call the Ghostbusters, it was pointed out by our resident medical expert Nails ("broken back?....you're fine mate") that Steve may indeed have a slight case of the Bonk. And with thanks to Richard, who was obviously a Cub scout in his time had the necessary nutritional requirements to get Steve home safe and sound.

Another rider who's performances are raising a few eyebrows with whispers of alleged drug taking is Geoff OBE, who now it appears is becoming that quick he can't actually stop and is finding himself home washing the bike at 8.30pm!!! (it's all the circuit training he's doing).

As the last downhill blast beckoned the downpour which our very own John Kettley (Harty) forecasted arrived and so it was with speed, skill and tenacity that the boys got down in record time, apart from Dai Eye who became the latest victim of the pallet.

Another fantastic spread was put on by the TA, where Dickie 'enjoyed' his birthday drinks. He might be getting fitter, but by Christ he's still no good at drinking!

I collected a number of deposits for riders wives, but in true Blue Peter style, were still way short of our target, so c'mon lets get those monies in. Incidentally, Scrippsy will be holding his 'Bring and Buy' at Machen Village Hall on Saturday.

Thanks All.............It's been emotional


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