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Captain Stuntys Corner - New for 2007!

24th January 2007

Hi De Hi Campers!

Due to the number of texts and calls i took Tuesday and Wednesday one thought a poor turnout was on the cards with the exceptional attendance numbers of previous weeks being consigned to the annuls of Moos History. Could I be more wrong? With at least seven main players A.W.O.L the turnout of 12 this week, in my opinion, is the most impressive of the term yet. As with previous weeks we were graced with the presence of a new rider with another Steve joining the fray. Welcome aboard Steve.

With Harty being one of the absent main players (in fairness he did inform me on Tuesday and had an excellent reason!) as Captain i have the unenviable task of steeping into the breach to take the ride (particularly hard for myself, as having rode the area for some time, I still don't really know where i'm going!!!). For it was these reasons that my ride contained as much originality as a Disney 'feel good' film.

Following the stable diet of the woods and quarry Gaz joined us and new Steve made his farewells as his lights packed in. We then made our way over to Lisvane woods, where it is here we discovered that due to the recent 'blusterry' condtions some of the tracks and trails have, it would appear gone walkabout!!

Refreshments (Coke and Shandy's for those on the previous weekends Stag Do of fellow rider Geoff OBE) were taken in the Maenllywd (where riders and patrons alike couldn't help but notice how excited Scrippsy was to be there!!!) and once again with time and freezing conditions getting the better of the herd the direct route to the TA was taken.

Birthday drinks were the order of the day for Scrippsy and Russ, who is always a threat to the Moos Guinness record. Awards were meant to be given this week, but due to many of the frontrunners absent they will now be conducted next week. Black tie please gentlemen!

Anyway, must go its Friday night and Mrs Captain will be here soon. Harty's ride again next week.

Hi De Ho


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