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Captain Stuntys Corner - New for 2007!

25th February 2007

Ladies, Gentlemen and fellow riders.......

It was the turn of Machen's very own speed demon, the man that the Atherton's can only dream to emulate, the man who it would appear is allergic to rain, the man that we all simply know as 'Ade' to take the ride and as the 16 riders gathered there was a smell of adrenaline in the air as all anticipated a downhill, speed filled night. Such was the anticipation that Roger had to visit the little boy's room on more than 4 occasions during the day (incidentally, one more than his PB!). Our very own Arthur Daley has much to fear these days as it was revealed that in fact he is to become a dad (again!) as indeed is Beaker. So much for the theory that cycling is bad for the boys below!! Our congratulations to all concerned.

As Ade led the way through some decent stuff in the woods, all that could be heard was Crockett going on and on and on about his new girlfriend. Last week he didn't shut up about his new motorbike. We can only but wonder what on earth he'll have new next week.

As to be expected fast flowing downhill's were the order of the day, but unfortunately when one goes down, one needs to go up again and the climb to the summit of Caerphilly mountain proved too much and a much needed soak was required by a few of us!!

The only problem is that Roger said i've got to have the tap end next time!

As everyone swiftly made their way down Caerphilly mountain, it became apparent the pressure of leading the Moo Merits is having on Russell. Conscious to extend his lead with some fancy drop off work, he then failed to comprehend how hard riding on level ground was, and subsequently went straight over the handlebars. Another Moo proving that Shiamano's new face brake does indeed work!

A quick 2 in the Meanllywd, and the obligatory Le mans style start saw us arrive safely back at HQ, where it was time for the monthly awards.

This months recipients were:-

Rider of the Month: Scrippsy
T%*T of the Month: Beaker (podium finish on dragon downhill and no jersey!!!)

As the weak willed went home early, it was noticed that as well as being party poopers, it also seems that these people wish to be known as vandals as the rider of the month's saddle was pinched!!......to quote the wily old fox "This is World War 3" Watch this space, you have been warned!!

It was announced that Go-karting is to take place on Friday 18th May. Definite numbers will be required soon. Also, the jersey's are on there way so next week see's the world unveiling of the new team strip.

Anyway, must dash, got the hob on.


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