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Captain Stuntys Corner - New for 2007!

27th June 2007

Hey Sports Fans

With the sun making it's only appearance of the week (they say the sun shines on the righteous!) 22 riders and just as many new bikes assembled for this weeks ride. It may be the first time that there were more full-sussers than hardtails. Some would say a dark day in Moos history.

It was Owgies turn, and for those who can cast their minds back to the beginning of the year when he took his first ride the boy had an absolute mare, and this was seen as the opportunity to make amends.

The first port of call was Turners, which was to be the pain before the pleasure of the downhill that followed down the Sirhowy. Funny this, but with all them full-sussers the quickest down was a pair of hardtails.......weird that!!!

The Halfway House was where the interval was taken, where matters of the day were discussed and debated. It is of course only natural that with a new Prime Minister being sworn in that very day that the major topics of conversation were whether the bus that we have for France will have a CD player and the big debate; Lager & Cider 50/50 split?! If anyone has any suggestions feel free to write in.

As the climb out of the Wyllie sweated the two pints out of everyone fairly rapid, the fun then began in earnest.... Bedwas Tips. As 21 riders stood at the top passing comments such as "You got more chance of a rocking horse s**tting!" and the McEnroe sounding "You cannot be serious" (I think someone had been watching Wimbledon repeats) and man emerged who lives by the ethos "Beaten paths are for beaten men!" as Tom threw quite a large amount of caution into the wind and went, where only upon his successful completion did the rest follow like lemmings of a cliff (for those interested, Tom was on a hardtail; and no I'm not jealous in the slightest that everyone has new bikes!!!)

Once the tips were completed, and with almost everyone in one piece, time was getting on and thus a frantic pace ensued as 22 riders had thirsts that required quenching, with Owgie having fully re-deemed himself with one of the most original rides this year.

Moo awards were:

T"%T of the Month: Although clinching the Welsh downhill champs on the weekend, Beaker paid the price for his shambles of a ride this month.

Rider of the Month: Pealy. Having only ridden three club rides two of those including Bedwas tips and a ride with the Goons. Impressive.

I'm looking to book the summer trip to Swansea over the next week. Please could everyone let me know whether they will be attending.

Yours in Crashing


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