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Captain Stuntys Corner - New for 2007!

28th February 2007


A surprisingly low turnout of 12 riders for this weeks jaunt, particularly with it being Crockett's ride as everyone who has known the rusty nail for more than five minutes will know that the Maenllywd is going to figure heavily in the forthcoming nights adventures.

The Crockmeister took us up through the woods, a route which was designed to make it easier for us than going up the 'roadworks' that had been created up on the main track but all we came across were conditions twice as bad, as the boys were led to believe that we were cycling in custard!!!

A bit of playing in the woods and over the ridgeway and then onto Rudry common, where a number of the herd were lost. Now, it would be easy for me to blame somebody else (i.e. Crockett) but as Captain the buck stops with me and therefore I hold my head in shame.....thankfully we found them again and all was right with the world!!!

As per usual the descent down the common was value for money, with yours truly's turn to get lost (it's a track that goes straight down!..how hard can that be to follow??). Anyway, the inevitable happened and we popped in the Maen for one.....and two......then three........and..'oh alright may as well have a fourth!!!). Now, with everyone suitably inebriated I felt it was my duty as Captain to offer words of wisdom before hell broke loose. 'Your all grown ups, if you're going to anything stupid and crash, your on your own!' and with this my chain broke and the buggers left me!!! The good thing to see was that they do actually listen to me!

Having eventually got to the TA it was time for the monthly awards and the recipients for Feb 2007 were:

Rider of the Month: Ant
T*$T of the Month: Crockett (for going to Whistler skiing on Gay week!)

Yours in crashing


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