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Captain Stuntys Corner - New for 2007!

30th May 2007


Welcome to the bumper double bill of tomfoolery and high jinks from the Moos!!

And so with being at almost at the half way point of the year and our esteemed guest writer Geoff OBE not yet having had the pleasure to take a ride this year, it was with much anticipation that a throng of more than 17 Moos gathered for this major inaugural event on the Moo calendar. As well as the usual suspects, a cameo appearance was made by Paul 'every little helps'.

As Geoff counted everyone up and was completely sure that all were present and correct we made our way to the top of the woods, were it became apparent that some of our more esteemed, and dare I say it more talented riders were nowhere to be seen!! They eventually appeared after I had performed my duties as Captain and went back to search for them. Gaz, Ade and Beaker were none too impressed...... can't understand it, Geoff had counted everyone up!!!!... do try and keep up boys!

Once at the top of the woods it was back on our selves, where for the first time in a long time Single Speeds was ridden in broad daylight and sober! and with the impending Megavalanche race beckoning it appeared that everyone is raising their game and the pace was a bit brisk to say the least. However this 'raising their game' phenomenon soon came to an abrupt end with only a handful of riders tackling brokeback. I put this down to lack of balls as oppose to lack of talent... sort it out Moos!

With a quick jaunt up to Garlic, which proved to be the best conditions yet (although that's said numerous times each summer!!) it was to the Maenllwyd where the now standard 3 pint stop was enjoyed by all. Upon leaving, Farquhar decided that it would be 'super idea' to start throwing crap over everyone. This was a new one for us, we're used to bullshit from Farquhar-Smythe, but not horse shit!!!

Anyway, the night was capped off with a guest appearance in the TA from the estranged member that is Option, that appeared to be some feeble attempt at gaining Moo Merit points. Shame on that man.


The ride for the 30/05 started badly on the Tuesday as I took a call from Knotty, whose ride it was explaining that whilst sussing the ride for Wednesday, he took a bit of a tumble resulting in a sore shoulder and wouldn't be able to take the ride. Well when I say sore, to quote Steve "I haven't dislocated it.... I've done worse than that"

It never rains but pours and things didn't get much better on Wednesday with the lowest turnout of the year with eleven riders (haven't yet failed to make double numbers though). With Owgie doing his Phyllis Fogg impression, Crock and Ant storming Europe faster than Adolf (bet we don't get one Moos Abroad photo!!), Dick with man flu and Berni choosing that work is more important than riding, the atmosphere was that of the one you used to get when you had a supply teacher in for the day!!

Thus, with everyone having a say on where we rode, much fun was had by all, with Jock enjoying a glorious return to the front of the pack.

With it being the last ride of the month and all, it was time for the awards with Rider of the Month going to the most worthy winner yet this year....Geoff OBE. Not only did he manage to take a ride, he submitted a report, and last but not least, got out on the worst Sunday morning of them all. Take a bow OBE.

Scrippsy got T*at of the month; surely none of you need an explanation!!!

Yours in Crashing


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