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Captain Stuntys Corner - New for 2007!

31st January 2007

"Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears...."
I've done it again....I've left the writing of the report to Friday night and subsequently will not be able to do the ride and the antics that went with it justice. Please accept my sincerest apologies and rest assured I'll find someone else to do it next week!!

Following his absence last week, it was Harty who took this weeks ride for the congregation of 15 riders who attended. Notable attendees were Ade (that's right folks it wasn't raining) and Bernaaarrd on his new steed (it would have been ready weeks ago had it not been for the special reinforcements that are required for his saddle!!!).

It must be noted that we were lucky to actually have a ride at all as Mark Howells did it his utmost to delay proceedings. If it wasn't turning up late it was going to Dickies to get lubed up and if it wasn't getting lubed up it was tightening a loose front disc brake, and if it wasn't tightening a loose fr.........you get the picture!

Following the usual fun and frolics on Garlic path the climb over Rupperra was up next and whilst Gordon and Ant continued to flirt with each other a battle royal was taking place between Dickie "I'm on EPO" Watkins, Nick "where's my bike gone?" Berni and Mark "the white Rivaldo" Howells for the climb to the summit. It was the Stallion who took the honours on this occasion along with another battle with Dickie in Lisvane woods, resulting in the same outcome. Although very impressive for his first ride of the year, his tactics have raised the odd eyebrow. Many moons ago questions were raised about Berni's sexuality, and these I thought readers, had been quashed as he is now a man happily living in sin, but his behaviour on wednesday resurrected these doubts as he showed all the characteristics......as in, he spent most of the night grunting behind another man yet found himself the first to arrive!!!!

Following the usual swift half in the Maenllwyd, the dash through the woods became that bit more exciting with the introduction of  riders running to their bikes 'Le Mans style' . This I hope will now become mandatory (to be approved by the Moo Council). On a serious note though i feel that, for the safety of rabbits in the area that this section of the woods is now ridden in complete darkness as the headlights of the bikes are proving far too dangerous!!

With it being the last ride of the month, the awards were given to the following recipients:

Rider of the Month- Dickie Watkins
T*%t of the Month- Gordon Thornton

Next weeks ride will be taken by Dickie.

"This was the noblest Roman of them all.."


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