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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

2nd January 2008

Meep Meep Meep Ginger Ceeptain meep first ride report.

On Meeping cold meep dry meep 22 meepers meeped outside meeping legion for meep ride of meep meep.

Meep abuse meeped out by meep, meep and meepion, but as meep has no meeps it meeped no meepance!! The Miggly meeps set-off through meep woods with meeps of meeping and peeping along the way, and we all meet up with a late vice-meep along the meep.

The abuse meeping continued and was meeping getting on me meeps so me decided to meep the Moos to the meep of meath. The ex-meep, vice-meep, current meep and vice-meep descended without fear and meepatation. Meep the plane descended with his usual flair, appearing to meep side-saddle and meeping like a girl-beaker all the way down. Notable refusals from MeepBE, Ryan the Meep (heard telling Scippsy that he would ‘grow up this year’ prior to scaring the meep out of him by riding behind him with no lights on) and Meepion (now with 100% attendance record for 2008).

A visit to the Meepllwyd steadied frayed nerves and warmed the meepales before more off-roading through the meeps to a closed Meepy Bush. Again more abuse was dealt out to the Muppet Captain but this had very little effect, due to lack of ‘years’. A quick bit of meeping and riding took the gaggle of still clean Moos to the Meep Hammer for a swift beverage and a sing song.

Back at the Meep Arms much food was meeped by the hungry Moos and then it was time for my first meepatation. Me announced meeptirement of Scrippsy to much abuse and shouting from the gathered Moos and especially from the Twat of the year, putting in a strong showing for retaining his much-prized trophy. There was a Guinness race between Option (birthday boy) and Scrippsy resulting in a rematch after a draw with Scrippsy the eventual winner much to everyone’s pleasure.

The night ended late and included Gaz talking about how he wipes he ass (sat-down from the front) and that anyone who doesn’t do it his way is a freak!!! I feel this year may have already peaked!

See you all next week for more muppetary and breaking news…be there next Wednesday to find out more.

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