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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

2nd July 2008

Fronce Trip

As Fronce is just around the corner we decided to set up a committee and get something organised with regard to getting to the airport and back, entertainment, tee shirts etc…As I am a novice at organising these tours I made sure that the committee was made up of some true seasoned professionals.

The Fronce 2008 committee is:
With special input from Option now that he is back from his trip.

The first job for the committee was to sort out the accommodation and as there is plenty of room we have split everyone up into two’s. Names were randomly picked from a hat, well plastic bag, and Gaz has the video to prove. The pairs are as follows:

Slug and Lettuce
Jason and Johnsy
Beaker and Knotty
Scrippsy and Crock
Ant and Budgie
Phil and Jock
Ade and Arty
Kev and Vice
Russell and Option
Berni and Gaz
Marty and his hand/shadow

There is also a bit of organised entertainment for each day:

Thursday – General drinking with no theme but watch out for the sprocket and ping pong game!

Friday – Tee-shirt Night with a round of Golf organised by Gaz….one glove to be worn all night as part of this game.

Saturday – Fancy Dress night – FAMOUS DEAD PEOPLE – think Laurel and Hardy, Elvis, Michael Hutchins, Superman, Winston Churchill, Henry the VIII etc. Will also involve some kind of drinking game starting at dinner.

Sunday – Singing night plus certificates for all.

Monday – morning ride and then go home.

Also there will be daily awards for Twat and Rider of the day…. probably have Crash of the day and anything we can think of at the time plus a Crap speech.

There will be the need for a kitty for the trip to pay for tee-shirts, Miggly Moos stickers etc….which will be around £15. Keep an eye on the web site for more details.

Finally there will be a detailed itinerary produced this week detailing timings, flight numbers and how much the bus will be that will take us to and from Bristol airport (should not be too much over £20 all in).

Machen Show

A few of us found ourselves at the very wet and muddy Machen show over the weekend and we witness the Jez Avery bike show. He was doing a great job considering the appalling weather and even had time to pose in Dickies Moos shirt…see photos attached.

Jez Avery the Leg End   The boys and Jez

That’s it for now…. let’s hope it dry in Fronce.


P.S. It’s Steam ride this week so expect a long one with beer

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